Change log

John Pasula:
    - Add a couple more acquire infos and turn on teh packager!!
    - Add Witnerspring frostsaber to the mix
    - Flag all mounts from pre-1.4 correctly.
    - Update the DK mounts, added class flag similar to how ARL handles specialties.
    - More mount db updates
    - Make the vendor/mob drops which aren't in the db print out the ID for easier debugging.
    - Convert constants in the Frame file to the same format that we have in the db files.
    - Add some full data for a few of the alliance mounts.
    - Clean up a bunch of flags for the mount db
    - Convert game flags to use constant.
    - Convert mount system over to the methods in the pet db.  Update the pet db methods to make the wrapper function clear.
    - More tabs that I get to play with.
    - Modify wrapper function for the pet db to not require the database.
    - Remove weird tabbings for constants and make the pet db only get loaded once.
James D. Callahan III:
    - More syntactic/comment changes.
    - Changed the method used to add pets to the database - no longer uses a hardcoded count.
    - In addon:AddCompanion(): Moved CompanionType parameter from fifth place to second.
    - Fixed the consolidated table construction in addon:AddCompanion() and removed an extraneous "end" in addon:SearchDB().
    - Added check to not re-populate the database in addon:AddCompanion(). Changed more syntax/formatting. Made whitespace around commas consistent.
    - Changed more numbers into constants.
    - Fixed a bunch of shit. The mini-pet scans now produce a usable list.
    - Added constants for rarity, origin, filter flags, and acquire types - replaced most numbers with these.
    - Removed the "Player Type" flyaway frame. Changed addon:GenericCreateButton() so that it no longer creates four anonymous functions for every button. Removed two parameters from addon:DisplayFrame().
    - Fixed Babble faction lookups for Sha'tari Skyguard and Gnomeregan Exiles. Made more minor syntactic changes, and removed now-unneeded parameters to the call of addon:DisplayFrame().
    - Fixed the entry for Darting Hatchling. Added entry for Battle-Bot.
    - Syntactic/formatting changes, removed unnecessary comments. Removed InitCompanionDB(), moved its guts directly into addon:Collectinator_Command() as it was only ever used there.
    - Syntactic/formatting changes. Removed skill level stuff from GenerateTooltipContent(). Moved SortDatabase() here from Collectinator.lua and made it a file-local function rather than a member of the addon object.
John Pasula:
    - Typo fix.
    - Update pet database with 3.2 pets and whatnot.
    - convert database docs to wiki instead of creole since I'm too lazy to do conversion.
    - Remove redunant file.
    - Update docs and update the wtf acquires.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Changed ACQUIRE_* constants to reflect what's in the docs, removed profession parameter from addon:DisplayTextDump()
    - Small syntax changes.
    - Removed filters and checkboxes for "skill" and "discovery".
    - Fixed obtain flag numbers in GenerateTooltipContent(). Replaced addon.setFlyawayState() with a loop directly in the OnShow of the addon.Flyaway panel. Removed two more un-needed filters, and added a BoA filter.
    - Removed everything to do with the "specialty" filter, and removed addon.resetFilters(), moving its contents directly into Collectinator_ResetButton's OnClick script since that's the only place it was ever used, and removed the check for the addon frame's existence since at this point it will always exist.
    - Update FilterValueMap stuff from new ARL code.
    - Really fix the localization issues.
    - Fix localization issues
James D. Callahan III:
    - Changed TooltipDisplay() to not create anonymous functions every time it's used.
    - Pulled updated expandEntries() from ARL.
    - Added "scan_type" parameter to ReDisplay(), which is passed on to addon:UpdateFilters().
    More changes from ARL codebase.
    - Removed everything having to do with Fly_Item or Fly_Player.
    - Nuke about 300 lines of code dealing with armor and weapons.
    - Completely replace ttAdd(), SetSpellTooltip(), and GenerateTooltipContent() with updated versions from ARL. Nuke some un-needed filters, and fix the checks for FilterValueMap so nil doesn't fuck things up.
    - Change the call of self:CreateFrame() to self:DisplayFrame(), and un-comment it.
    - Remove the fucking LoadOnDemand line in the TOC.
    - More changes/fixes to bring the code up to date with ARL.
    Renamed some file-scoped variables to make more sense.
    - Replaced all occurrences of "recipe" with "collectible".
    - Pulled WipeDisplayStrings() from ARL, and updated initDisplayStrings().
    - Pulled the table-cache code (which is not yet used) and ClosePopups() from ARL's code.
    - Brought checkFactions() in line with what we have in ARL. This alone makes me wonder if starting from scratch wouldn't be the better idea.
    - Moved local declarations around, formatted commas throughout the file.
John Pasula:
    - ToC -> 3.2 even though this addon doesn't work at all.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Removed addon:AddTabTotals() from CollectinatorFrame.lua and placed its contents in addon:OnEnable().
    - Removed addon:CreateScanButton() from CollectinatorFrame.lua - placed its contents in addon:OnEnable().
    - Reworked addon:CreateScanButton() to make more sense, and to nil itself out when done since it's only meant to be called once.
    Removed LibQTipClick-1.1 reference.
    - Fixed AddOn declaration, moved upvalued globals, and ensured that _G is the global function environment.
    - Changed the names of all named frames from "addon.Whatever" to "Collectinator_Whatever".
John Pasula:
    - Fix a typo.
    - Add the argent tourney pets and flags.
    - remove some unneeded files.
    - Change the dump code so that it displays the pets only if they're to be displayed, not just if they're not known.
    - Remove some redundant search fields so search works.
    - Add the flag so it shuts up about localization errors.  We aren't worrying about that. Yet.
    - All pets now have a flag for which expansion they were released during.
    - Update some pet info in the db and add shatari skyguard rep.
    - Fix typo. Compiles with luac -p now :P
    - More filtering updates, all these changes will probably blow up in my face.
    - Add misc filters to the config options.
    - Add profession flag filters.
    - Remove a bunch of config options which aren't used.
    - Add remaining new rep flag integration into the backend.
    - Add missing factions to the Ace3 config stuff.
    - Add missing factions to the ini/etc section.
    - Fix nil error.
    - Add a debug statement
    - Fix 1402 null error.
    - Add a few missing pets and remove some wpet IDs.
    - Text dump of stuff is now sorted.
    - Add in exclusion support.  I wonder if this shit will work actually?
    - Get rep and filtering working.  Doesn't actually filter, but the code is there to allow for it.
    - Add some missing reps into the list.
    - Fix nil error when we learn a pet/mount.  Auto scan will now use main scan function with an extra parameter.
    - Port over ARL missing lib detection.
    - removed remaining skill sorting stuff
    - some minor local changes
    - use arl local for now
    - make it work better :P
    - new dummy textures, open frame with current tab collection
    - removed remaining class stuff, changed title
    - the frame now shows up!
John Pasula:
    - Update the docs removing recipe references.
    - Update the location mining functions.
    - Get the number of known/total pets/mounts and store them in playerData.
    - Remove docompletescan, biting off more than we can chew right now.
    - Fix sorting functions and make name the default.
    - .xif guB
    - Bug fix.
    - remove uneeded ui elements (classes)
John Pasula:
    - Print out the ones that we don't know only.  Enable the frammmmmeeee.
    - Bug fix
    - Fix giant sewer rat (nev's nickname imo)
    - Make sure our constants are actually decalred.
    - Fix a location.
    - Fix some unknown locations and remove them from being printed out for right now.
    - Make sure all the databases get loaded.
    - Fix scan function.
    - Bug fix
    - Bug fix
    - Fix scan function.
    - Remove a line to be able to apply ackis file
John Pasula:
    - Dump the db out once we scan.
    - We now parse the pets, update the database which which we know.  No point in using SV's for this.
    - Make /collectinator open up the frame.
    - updated some function calls
    - fixed lots of typos; removed all class related code; fixed embeds
John Pasula:
    - Remove more unused code stuffz.
    - Remove more unused code stuffz.
    - More pruning/modifications for transition.
    - Start pruning the files for the items not needed.
    - Update .pkgmeta for new files.
    - Update ToC for new files.
    - Import ARL files for transition alpha bravo super secret.
    - Remove the map stuff will add that later maybe, remove trauner db references.
    - Minor modification
    - Make the dumpdatabase use the sorted function.
    - Add sorting in
    - Make the window open up, this is gonna blow up methinks.
    - Copy the ARL frame over to collectinator
    - Make /collectinator scan work.
    - Most of the pets have updated information (flags and acquire)... added some detailed acquire info into those databases as well.
    - More pets updated (fishing daily ones)
    - Add a bunch of warcraft pet IDs, and do the parrots.
    - Add in detailed dumping.
    - Add the oracles pets
    - Add all TCG pets
    - Add children's week pet info and a few more warcraft pets IDs
    - Comment out mount stuff like pet stuff.
    - Comment out the info I haven't reviewed yet, and add warcraft pet IDs for the pets that I just reviewed.
    - Update remaining special event pets and a few achievement pets
    - Update the murlocs
    - Update all 5 CE pets.
    - Update Snowshoe Rabbit
    - Update Brown Rabbit Crate
    - Add a tooltip to the companion and mount tabs on the pet tab in your character frame to display how many of you know.
    - Update the dump spell to provide accurate data for flags
    - Make a scan button that appears on the companion page.
    - Fix a few errors with the dump database... I WILL POOP ON YOU!
    - Update .pkgmeta
    - Update the dump commands to be easier to use.
    - Add new donation info.
    - Don't error out on missing localizations.
    - Fix a typo with the ordering of options.
    - Change some filter flags to be text in the dump just to make it easier to read.
    - Make the dump display the achievement ones as well.
    - Add achievement acquire type to docs
    - Add back in the obtain filters and verify they're correct filter flags, etc.
    - Add an achievement flag
    - Update some more pet acquire info, etc
    - Add fishing as a profession with the spell ID 13615 (confirm) and update docs/flags for fishing only pets.
    - Comment out options I'm not dealing with now.
    - Add saved vars to the toc.
    - Make the filter flags output pretty.  I'm so pretty! So pretty! So happy and gay!
    - Lets dump the filter flags as well now
    - Remove a debugging statement.
    - Fix a typo with the profession filters.
    - Fix error with profession scanning not working.
    - Update .pkgmeta for the LAP change.
    - ToC for PTR
    - Convert to git keyword subs.
    - Fix a typo in some code.
    - Rename the showchecklist function to something more appropiate.
    - Assume that runeforging will never be able to make a companion of any sorts, and remove it from the profession check list.
    - Add an entry for testing to the vendor database.
    - Make sure the vendor db gets loaded.
    - Finish off the profession filtering.
    - Start checking the vnedor database for expanded information.
    - Start to implement profession filtering
    - Print out the number of filtered items too please.
    - Comment out mount stuff, we're getting the pets working first and they're our test cases.
    - Fix a couple of nil errors.
    - Start using the playerData variable and passing it around to clean code up.
    - Optimize the filtering code a bit
    - Print out the rep level and vendor as well.
    - Update documentation
    - Make the printout display acquire info, in a human format.
    - Fix tailoring ID
    - Add Fawn mini-pet.
    - Comment out the acquire and flag stuff so I can see the output right now for missing entries.
    - Fix a few more bugs, make the table dumping actually occur.
    - Fix a few issues that were preventing it from running.
    - Make the print out info only in debug mode.
    - Update a few pet spells to add warcraftpets IDs and missing flags.
    - Display the acquire type and ID numbers as well for debugging.
    - Print out the filter flags on scan.
John Pasula:
    - Make LICENSE auto generated.
    - More maintenance updates.
    - ToC update.
    - Add ignores to the .pkgmeta and add update license.
    - Implement filtering, make display print out more info now for debugging.
    - Make the errors go away!!!
    - Add localization and start adding in filtering options.
    - Fix a bug or two, add a few more pets and shit to the db
    - Update pet db, and fiddle with some code stuff.
    - Pet db update and fix typo in docs
    - update docs to reflect filter flags
    - DB update
    - Remove some code, make some docs to make datamining easier.
    - Few more changes
    - ZOMG it'll actually print out shit now
    - Ackis is an idiot, Nymbie is smarter.
    - Penis
    - Add acquire information to the database
    - Fix issue with saved vars not working, renamed clist to butt so I can use table.wipe on it and giggle everytime I read the code.
    - commit fixes from last night
    - - Regenerate data
    - Update miner to fix some bugs
    - Rewrite core to be in a more streamlined process
    - Have it output missing companions in text for right now
    - Add in filtering options (nothing done with them yet) just to see how it works
    - Dry-coded (Compiles with luac -p)
    - Regenerate data. Penis.
    - Dataminer update, handles crafting now, tcg, event, etc pets as well, still some special cases to deal with.  Fixed bug preventing this from running I believe.
    - Kaelten likes penis.
    - Disable event monitoring.
    - Del stuffz
    - More dataminer updates/optimizations
    - Minor update to replace strings
    - Few logic updates, dataminer update, remove mounts til I get mini-pets working
    - Fix a big, many more to fix.
    - Dataminer update
    - More dataminer updates, started dealing with crafting


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