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1554 - Engineering: Pandaria Fireworks recipes

The following recipes are said to be learned/discovered while randomly crafting other Engineering items in the latest build 2.4.7-6-gdc882cc.

This is not true, They are learnt by making Pandaira Fireworks and are contained within

Schematic: Autumn Flower Firework
Schematic: Celestial Firework
Schematic: Jade Blossom Firework
Schematic: Grand Celebration Firework
Schematic: Serpent's Heart Firework

Just thought I would put this in to help out with this already amazing addon.

Thank you

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resa1983 May 04, 2013 at 23:19 UTC Changed status from New to Fixed
bennett420 Apr 15, 2013 at 11:55 UTC Create

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Apr 15, 2013
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