Change log

tag 1.0
Adirelle <>
2013-07-14 18:55:12 +0200

Tagging as 1.0.


    - Added an arbitrary minimum pool of focus.
    - More accurate estimation of periodical focus incomes.
    - Use more focus when all attacks are in several seconds.
    - Slightly enhanced the spell forecast.
    - Accept other hunter's mark.
    - Slightly tweaked the new spell forecast to use more Arcane Shots.
    - Slightly reorder rotations.
    - Reworked (again) the spell forecast.
    - Have Fervor properly cope with BM higher focus pool.
    - Suggest (again) using Chimera Shot or Cobra Shot to refresh/extend Serpent Sting.
    - Added Aspect of the Hawk.
    - Replaced commonCooldowns by offGCD.
    offGCD includes non-"burst" spells.
    - Simplified the handling of Steady Focus.
    - Added Hunter's Mark.
    - Removed unused 'CarefulSteadyShot' and added 'FreeAimedShot'.
    - Simplified Cobra Shot and Steady Shot handling.
    - Added Blood Fury.
    - Properly handle endless auras.
    - Heavily reworked the forecast algorithm.
    Extracted the DPS cooldowns and the focus fillers from the main rotations.
    - Take Dire Beast into account to estimate the focus income.
    - Removed some unused code.
    - Added a BuildCostGetter like the other Build*Getter.
    - The N special table accepts numerical spell ids.
    - Fixed previously drycoded changes.
    - Do not show forecast nor marks without a valid target.
    - Minor fixes.
    - Fixed global leakage.
    - Removed unused stuff.
    - Added a BuildCostGetter like the other Build*Getter.
    - The N special table accepts numerical spell ids.
    - Less debug in spell updates.
    - Fixed previously drycoded changes.
    - Do not show forecast nor marks without a valid target.
    - Do not update forecast and focusbar on UNIT_AURA or SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN if none of the tracked spells changed.
    - Simulate an aura timer for Dire Beast to avoid clipping it after Readiness.
    - Removed the '*' (always) spell tracking.
    Serpent Sting, Rapid Fire and Ferver are tracked if they are known anyway.
    - Slightly reworked the spell forecast.
    Allow a maximum delay of 1 GCD for the most important spell.
    Add Fervor and any number of necessary fillers.
    - Added a condition : high-health mobs.
    - Disable the test mode when entering combat.
    - Create slash commands using _G.
    - Added a test mode toggle.
    - Split the options into two tabs.
    - Cosmetic changes.
    - Slighlt tweaked the anchor and frame level of the forecast cooldown and icons.
    - Added some options to customize the look.
    - Removed an useless focusBar:SetSize.
    - Fixed and simplified forecast fading effect.
    - Inlined SpawnSpark(bar).
    - Fixed the icon texcoords.
    - Do not package AceDBOptions-3.0 since we do not use it.
    - Ignore Rabid when it is set for autocast.
    - Have the spell marks slightly transparent and do not show spell borders.
    - Handle LibSharedMedia_Registered callback.
    - Properly handle LibSharedMedia_SetGlobal messages.
    - Added a README.textile file.
    Use it as the addon description on and
    - Use dynamic conditions instead of simple toggle to enable focus, spell forecast and DPS cooldown suggestions.
    - Typo.
    - Added an option to hide the spell marks.
    - Added an option to include DPS cooldowns.
    Enabled by default.
    - Display current casting/channel on forecast icon, if it ends after the cooldown.
    - Whitespace changes.
    - Removed some debug-unfriendly tail calls.
    - Allow to disable either the focus bar or the spell forecast.
    Also fixed frame parenting that was causing issues with scaling.
    - Moved forecast GUI code to GUI.lua and separated Forecast and Focus Bar.
    - Moved some functions around.
    - Comment & whitespace changes.
    - Properly handle default settings and profile updates.
    - Added configuration database and panel.
    - Only show the bar during  rare-elite/world boss/raid encounter.
    - Forgot the cooldown of Kill Shot.
    - Split the main file into smaller ones.
    - Use GetRangedHaste() instead of measuring the casting time of Steady Shot.
    I hope GetRangedHaste() takes all haste modifiers into account.
    - .pgkmeta is actually .pkgmeta (d'oh !).
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Added a command to (un)lock it (/adifocusbar or /afb).
    - Preparing for wowace packaging.
    - Allow specs to have different rotations, depending on combat conditions.
    So BM has a "Bestial Wrath" rotation and MM has a "Careful Aim" rotation.
    - Changed which spells Rapid Fire considers.
    - Prefer AdiDebug to tekDebug.
    - Only require 60 focus to start Bestial Wrath.
    - Added Ancient Hysteria and Rabid in rotations.
    - Do not care about TimeWarp, BloodLust and Heroism any more.
    - Take more spells into account for Readiness.
    - Allow Rapid Fire to stack with other haste bursts.
    - Delay Stampede up for 60 seconds, waiting for Rapid Fire.
    - Synchronize Bestial Wrath cooldown with Kill Command and allow Bestial Wrath during haste boosts.
    - Do not prevent Focus Fire from being active during Bestial Wrath.
    Do not plan to cast it during Bestial Wrath, though.
    - Also check pet focus before casting Fervor.
    - Take last Black Arrow cast into account for its timing.
    - Take Chimera and Cobra Shots into account for Serpent Sting timing.
    - Created SetForecastIcon so the icon can be hidden when there is no target.
    - Moar comments.
    - Do not postpone higher priority spell for more than 0.66 seconds.
    - Properly plan a filler shot before spell that requires more focus.
    - Do not ignore spells more than 6 seconds away.
    - Fixed the tracking of the last spell cast.
    - Also track current casting end time.
    - fillerCastTime => fillerCastingTime.
    - Safe-guard against mispelled spell names in rotations.
    - Changed Readiness priority.
    - Typo.
    - GetCost works for names as well as ids.
    - If a spell cannot be cast with current focus, give a try with a filler shot before it.
    - Update at least every 0.2 seconds.
    - Fixed the spell marks on the focus bar.
    - Reworked the spell forecast.
    - Tweaked rotations.
    - Properly handle spells that don't cause a global cooldown.
    - Enhanced GetCastingTime and GetCost to handle special shots.
    - Fixed Fervor estimation.
    - Fixed the marks for signature shots.
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Bunch of updates.
    - Heavy refactoring.
    - First try at MM rotation.
    - Reworked the use of Chimera Shot and Cobra Shot with Serpent Sting.
    - Better estimation of the available focus at the time a spell is actually ready.
    - Use WHU rotations.
    - Use Arcane Shot as much as possible.
    - Properly added A Murder Of Crows.
    - Typos.
    - TOC bump.
    - Update on event, at most once per frame.
    - Compare cooldown duration to GCD_DURATION in GetCooldownLeft.
    - Cannot cast more than one filler shot per GCD no matter how high the haste gets.
    - Properly include the focus gain occuring during casting.
    - Properly ignore spells that give focus when the bar is almost full.
    - Check if the spells exist before including them in the priority list.
    - Do not stack Rapid Fire with Blood Lust.
    - Added Stampede, Readiness and Dire Beast.
    - Added Rapid Fire in the priority list.
    - Do not cast Fervor after Readiness if it is still in effect.
    - Try to use Cobra Shot or Chimera Shot to refresh Serpent Sting when possible.
    - Ignore target debuff spell just after they are cast.
    - GetCooldownLeft also returns the total duration of the cooldown.
    - Renamed a bunch of variables and upvalues.
    - Fixed the Fervor buff effect on focus income.
    - Store haste factor and filler casting time in upvalues.
    - Remember the last cast spell during its GCD.
    - Added safe-guards in GetAuraTimeLeft and GetCooldownLeft.
    - Use upvalues to track current and maximum focus.
    - Use UNIT_POWER_FREQUENT instead of UNIT_POWER and RegisterUnitEvent whenever possible.
    - Use a constant for steady/cobra shot gain.
    - Moved some constant around.
    - Display spell icons on bar marks.
    - A bunch of updates.
    - Fixed filler shot Ids.
    - Take specs into account for priority.
    - Take running GCD into account.
    - ...
    - Now with fading icons and Improved Steady Shot.
    - Better handle filler shot / important shot interaction and added flashing for soon to be used shots.
    - Added Aimed Shot procs and Kill Shot.
    - Now with recommended spell icon.
    - Now with icons.
    - Reworked internals and added Black Arrow and Serpent Sting [DRYCODED].
    - Added Rapid Recuperation and Termination effect.
    - Better version.
    - First version.


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