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tag z7-release
Xuerian <sky.shell@gmail.com>
2013-01-31 07:22:05 -0500

Adding missing "Poor" threshold, tagging initial release


    - Monitor: Lower default thresholds
    - List "Poor" as a item quality option in dropdowns
    - Add option to autoloot listed items
    - Reference BuildFrame in XLootFrame, make sure frame is built before updating appearance on option commit
    - Add BetterOptions:description
    - Attempt to fix ruRU LOOT_ITEM_SELF/LOOT_MONEY conflict
    - Stop including LibLootEvents, just use events.lua
    - Only show total owned if more than 1
    - Fix compare number with string
    - Add option to toggle locked text
    - Improve localization
    - Add total items in inventory text
    - Reskin all frames when skin is changed in options
    - Cleanup, options adjustments, some missing options, option.key -> option.subtable refactor
    - Move module option pages into a tabgroup, change from name-keyed metadata to option-table keyed metadata
    - Changed soulbind tooltip line due to new ilvl line (I think)
    - Better options documentation
    - Add XLootMonitor to "old" list
    - Toc bump
    - Fix weird anchor problem
    - Force clear all slots to eliminate ghosts ZNF ZNF ZNF ZNF ZNF ZNF PING ZNF
    - Change Group prefix option string
    - Adjust monitor threshold defaults
    - Options.L.alpha -> "Opacity" (seems to be the common label)
    - Add Equippable/Upgrade item name prefix options to Group, and required helper functions
    - Move bind functionality from frame to XLoot.GetItemBindType(link)
    - Add font and font-size options for Frame
    - Add monitor localization strings
    - Fix accidental global
    - Fix loot frame not lowering its skirt. Oops.
    - Add mouseover and clicking to monitor rows
    - Add stack management to monitor, enable
    - show_coin monitor option
    - Rearrange group options
    - Cleanup
    - Localization adjustment
    - More monitor work
    - Shrink frame if link/close aren't visible
    - Adjust frame close button and fix framelevel
    - Fix monitor library embed
    - Add "Legacy" close button option to Frame
    - Add and use "scale" and "alpha" option types
    - Add skin_anchors option to Core
    - More monitor work
    - Add "grouped" to when_group item list, change Frame to "grouped" default
    - Change from "Anchor pretty" setting to XLoot\Skin->Apply to anchors
    - Move directions config list out into general area
    - Add module prototype.ProfileChanged link xloot.db.profile to xloot.opt
    - Add negative range to frame_snap_offset_*
    - Don't even care.
    - Congratulations, BonusRollFrame, I'm not even going to tag fixing you any more. No more tags. HAPPY NOW?!
    - From hell's heart I stab at thee, BonusRollFrame
    - skin_default no longer exists, provide sane alternative
    - I hate bonus rolls, bonus rolls are assholes, especially this one, I hate it the most
    - BonusRollFrame fixes suggested by Dridzt
    - Forcefully hide the BonusRollFrame when we think it should be removed
    - Change Frame and Group :SetFonts to use STANDARD_TEXT_FONT directly
    - Change how BonusRollFrame closing is handled
    - Testing changes is for lame-o's
    - Add Master to list of old versions disabled automatically/printed to chat
    - Skin Bonus Roll frame
    - Make anchors check for child.scale_mod
    - Add default skin set name or set
    - Error on missing skin set
    - Adjust skin/profile localizations
    - Consolidate autoloot_when configuration .items
    - .toc edit (not options either :) )
    - Trivial .toc edits so it doesn't show as 'XLoot Options' in addons list.
    - Add XLoot_Master options too.
    - Initial commit; port XLootMaster to new structure
    - Fix some scoping issues (string_format, FancyPlayerName)
    - Initial group commit (Should be working) and stacks component
    - Automatically disable displaced addons and notify users.
    - Add missing LibLootEvents load in monitor/embeds.xml
    - Change L/Options/Group/Pretty Anchors name/desc
    - Add default bar texture to skins
    - Add ProfileDefault/ConfigSave/ConfigCancel triggers to options
    - Fix option panel not refreshing after profile reset
    - Fix key/subkeys for Group options
    - InitializeModule creates module.ShowOptions and passes to slash instead of lambda
    - Add group and some general config localizations
    - Reformat group options
    - Handle .key/.subkey
    - Reformat Core options as BetterOptions
    - move item_quantities out into general module options scope
    - Default groups to inline
    - Fix requires and requires_inverse
    - So, that monitor spam
    - More comments cleanup, slight option file reorganization
    - Change how option metadata is stored and how .values are produced from .items, clean up comments
    - More verbose comments in options
    - Fix monitor localization
    - XLoot_Master stub
    - Forcefully default values when compiling skins
    - Correctly target core localization at root namespace only
    - Set namespaces for module localizations
    - Initial Monitor files
    - Fix non-mapped selects
    - Fix core embeds.xml
    - Fix pkgmeta paths
    - Initial commit (Frame and Options working)

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