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    Dec 5, 2012
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 5.1.0


    - Cleanup, options adjustments, some missing options, option.key -> option.subtable refactor
    - Move module option pages into a tabgroup, change from name-keyed metadata to option-table keyed metadata
    - Changed soulbind tooltip line due to new ilvl line (I think)
    - Better options documentation
    - Add XLootMonitor to "old" list
    - Toc bump
    - Fix weird anchor problem
    - Force clear all slots to eliminate ghosts ZNF ZNF ZNF ZNF ZNF ZNF PING ZNF
    - Change Group prefix option string
    - Adjust monitor threshold defaults
    - Options.L.alpha -> "Opacity" (seems to be the common label)
    - Add Equippable/Upgrade item name prefix options to Group, and required helper functions
    - Move bind functionality from frame to XLoot.GetItemBindType(link)
    - Add font and font-size options for Frame
    - Add monitor localization strings
    - Fix accidental global
    - Fix loot frame not lowering its skirt. Oops.
    - Add mouseover and clicking to monitor rows
    - Add stack management to monitor, enable
    - show_coin monitor option
    - Rearrange group options
    - Cleanup
    - Localization adjustment
    - More monitor work
    - Shrink frame if link/close aren't visible
    - Adjust frame close button and fix framelevel
    - Fix monitor library embed

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