This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Development (if you can call it that) of this addon has ended. The author is now using Raven, and so should you.

WymBuffs is an addon for keeping tracks of buffs and/or debuffs on yourself or other units. Buffs are placed into frames. Each frame tracks one unit for buffs or debuffs and can be configured with its own display and buff filter settings.


  • Displays buffs with bars or icons.
  • Sorts buff according to time added, duration, name or type.
  • Hides selected frames out of combat.
  • Plays warning sounds or shows a flash animation on new buffs.
  • Sets bar colour according to buff type or buff name.
  • Shows coloured border on icons according to buff type or buff name.
  • Plays warning sound or blinks buff when buff is close to expiring.
  • Masque support for icon frames.
  • SharedMedia support for bar textures, fonts and warning sounds.

Each frame can filter the buffs it shows in various ways:

  • Buff whitelist. Show only selected buffs.
  • Buff blacklist. Show all buffs except the selected buffs.
  • Show only own buffs.
  • Show only dispellable buffs.
  • Show only stealable buffs.
  • Show missing buffs.
  • Show or hide buffs depending on which talent spec is active.
  • Show only buffs with duration.
  • Show only buffs without duration.
  • Show only buffs shorter than a certain duration.
  • Show only (de)buffs belonging to selected debuff categories (Reduced armor, increased spell damage taken etc).


  1. Type /wb or /wymbuffs to open the configuration panel.
  2. Enter the name of a new buff frame and add it.
  3. Select unit, type and display type for the frame.
  4. The default list filter value is "Do not filter" so this frame should show all buffs/debuffs for the selected unit.
  5. Set up all the visual settings in the Position and Bar Layout/Icon Layout sections.
  6. Select Whitelist in the Buff Filter section and add buffs to the Buff Watchlist if you want to filter buffs by name.

Missing features

  • Cancel on right click, missing due to the changes made by Blizzard in 4.0. If you want to use WymBuffs to replace the standard Blizzard buff frame, I would recommend using something like CancelMyBuffs by Phanx to deal with this.
  • Multi target DoT tracking. This is simply outside the intended scope of this addon. If this feature is necessary for you I would recommend using something like DoTimer instead.


Inspirational credit to the authors of Quartz, NeedToKnow, DoTimer, AZ CastBar (Player and Target Auras plugins), Auracle, Buffalo and others. This addon is nothing more than an attempt by the author at taking various nice features from those addons and sticking them all into one single addon that fulfills all his own idiosyncratic needs.


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