When you open the architect table in your garrison WorkWork will go through all the buildings and assign the follower which the game puts on top of the list. This can take 1-3 seconds, because the game won't let you assign too many followers at once. Once it's done it will tell you it 'Smacked all the peons', disable itself and only assign workers again when you reopen the architect table.

Addon has 3 states:

  1. WorkWork: Upon opening the table assign followers to all buildings (where possible), displays a message when it's done
  2. zZzZzZ: Return workers from buildings
  3. Nothing: Do not change anything about buildings/followers
  4. In automatic mode the addon will switch between WorkWork and zZzZzZ modes every time you open the architect table!

You can cycle those states by either clicking the LDB icon or with the slashcommand /workwork ( or /ww works too)

  1. Cycle modes: /ww, /workwork or leftclick the icon
  2. Toggle Barracks ignore: /ww skiprax or rightclick the icon
  3. Toggle Herb Garden ignore: /ww skipherb or shift-rightclick the icon
  4. Toggle Chatframe ouput: /ww stfu or shift leftclick the icon
  5. Automatic Mode: /ww auto or middleclick the icon
  6. Minimap Icon: /ww hide, /ww show


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