Where's He Gone Now?

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Do you suffer from WTF (Wandering Tank Fatigue)? You know the symptoms - you've glanced away from your raid frames for a moment, only to look back and find that he's out of range and his health is dropping fast, causing you to panic as you desperately try to figure out where he's disappeared off to now. Oh, it's not that we mind him keeping the pace up, making sure there's not a moment of downtime between pulls - we'd just rather he didn't do it quite so stealthily.

Well, this addon is here to help! Just set up the name of your Wandering Tank and their maximum wandering distance, and you'll get alerted whenever he leaves you behind, with an arrow pointing you in his direction. If you have TomTom, you'll instead get a TomTom waypoint, with both its arrow and minimap icon.


How do I configure it?

Type /whgn, or use WoW's Interface menu.

Why isn't it alerting me?

The most common reason will be that your tracked target must be in a party or raid with you, and one of the two of you must be in combat. Otherwise you'd get an awful lot of false positives!

Otherwise, check the config - you might have disabled it, or you might have mistyped the name.

The arrow is funky and all, but I'd love a minimap icon...

Install the TomTom addon. WHGN integrates with TomTom to give you a minimap waypoint (and use TomTom's arrow instead). No config required - WHGN will detect that you have TomTom running and automatically switch to using it.

I've found a bug!

Shucks! It'd be wonderful if you could raise a ticket on WowAce.

Cool. Can you add X and make it do Y?

Possibly. Let me know what features you think would be most useful, and I'll consider them.


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