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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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"Whats up today?" has been designed for all out there, trying to do this one specific daily.
And everytime they went there, it was not available.

Trying to get the crokilisks from Shattrath? Or Pebble from Deepholm? Still missing a single daily for "Lets do Lunch: Darnassus"?
No more endless flying through whole Azeroth, "Whats up today?" shows you which quests you can get today.

The concept is simple: The first person a day speaking to an NPC shares the data with every other person with the same addon. So if anyone with the addon on your server has been to e.g. Deepholm, you know which Therazane-quests are available today.


The basics are working, so here are some information for alpha-testers:

  • the addon recognizes other users of the same addon, if they are in your group or guild - or have been there once
    if you want to add a specific person, use "/whut add user <name>" and /reload
  • the addon uses a server/client structure to avoid AddonMessage-Spam, while still synchronizing data automatically. As far as i can tell, this works properly - let me know if not.
  • the addon can give out various debug-messages to default_chat_frame. To let it do this, set the debug["..."]-vars at the beginning of WhatsUpToday.lua to true.
  • the structure of QuestData.lua should be very straightforward. subtables are shown as groups/subgroups ingame, quests are simply added via their ID.
    Some strings can be used as keys, but all of them are optional:
    • ["name"] - the title of the group
    • ["max"] - the maximum number of quests in that group that can be active at the same time. If this number is reached, all other quests are marked as "not available"
    • ["faction"] - "A" for Alliance-only, "H" for Horde-only, not set (or nil) for both factions. If you want to add a group, that never shows up (e.g. MoP-data), set it to anything else.
  • there are various Slashcommands possible, most of them are not needed and will be disabled at release-time:
    • /whut showuser/hideuser - shows/hides the userlist
    • /whut showdata/hidedata - shows/hides the questlist
    • /whut update - updates asks guild, group, and known servers for their userlist, serverlist and data
    • /whut add <online/server/user> name - adds a user to the specified list
    • /whut list <online/server/user> name - shows the specified list
    • /whut remove <online/server/user> name - removes a user from the specified list
    • /whut request <online/server> name - requests the specified list from the user
    • /whut addquest #nr - mark the quest with the specified id as available

hints for everything regarding localization can be found here


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