Vampirism Manager

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Streamlines the biting process on Blood-Queen Lana'thel.

This addon does the following:
-Allows the person running the addon to make a priority list for Melee, Ranged, Healers and Tanks.
-When a player gains Essence of the Blood Queen it will tell them who they need to bite next.
-Properly handles the first bite of the fight, if a ranged gets the Esssence first, they will bite a melee, and vice versa.
-Players will then be assigned to bite from their own role type. Ranged will bite Ranged and Melee will bite Melee.
-If a player dies, the addon will compensate and reassign roles.

How to Use:
1) Upon login, type '/vm show'.
2) Enter a list of all players in order of priority in each list. Player names must be spelled properly or the addon will not assign them as a bite target.
3) Only players in your raid will be added to the working list, so you can add as many players to each list as you would like.
4) To make sure your list is working properly, type '/vm load' then '/vm list' to view the current raid roster. You should see 10/25 players on the list.
5) Thats it! Once a player is bitten they will receive a tell with who their next bite target is.

Known Issues:
-If a player is in the raid, not currently in the instance, and they are on the priority list, they will be assigned as a bite target.
-Addon UI is not very intuitive and could use some improvement. MultiLine list graphic doesn't display properly.
-If your combat log stops working, this addon will not work. This is a problem with Blizzard's combat log event system and Blizzard needs to fix it. I have never seen it stop working mid fight, so you should click your Combat Log if you are running this addon before the fight to verify that it will work.


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