This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Assists you in locating your bite target (or the person biting you) during the Blood-Queen Lana'thel encounter in Icecrown Citadel.

  • ARROW: VampArrow gives you an arrow on-screen which continually points toward the relevant player.
  • CHAT BUBBLE: Your bite target will /yell something to give you a chat bubble.
  • HUDMAP INTEGRATION: Adds a HudMap range circle on the relevant player if you have it installed.

VampArrow requires your raid leader (or a designated raid assistant) to be running Vamp. VampArrow does not communicate with other boss mods such as BigWigs, DBM or DXE.

Example video

This video shows Vamp and VampArrow in action during heroic BQL 25:
The UI used in the video is available for download here.

AddonLoader recommended

Installing AddonLoader will cause this add-on to only load when you enter the appropriate raid zone or sub-zone.

Comments and bug reports

General comments and questions can be posted at the WowAce site. Bug reports and feature requests should be made using the ticket system.

Frequently asked questions

Does VampArrow require Vamp?

One person in your raid (the raid leader or an assistant) must be running Vamp. You do not need to run Vamp yourself. VampArrow will receive instructions from Vamp indicating where to point to. Your raid leader must be using Vamp r94 or above.

Does VampArrow require my raid leader to run a specific version of Vamp?

Yes. Your raid leader must be using Vamp r94 or above.

Does VampArrow require everyone else in the raid to also run VampArrow?

Everyone who wants to see their arrows needs to run VampArrow. Your raid leader must also be using Vamp for bite assignments.

If both players have it installed, will it put arrows up for both players, directing them to each other?


Does VampArrow work correctly with "reversed" marks?

Yes. "Reversed" marks are where the bite victim finds the biter, to limit movement of the vampires. VampArrow should work exactly as you expect it to if you've enabled the "Reverse marks" option in Vamp.

If I am the person running Vamp in my raid, do I also need to run VampArrow?

Yes, if you want to see the arrow. Vamp itself doesn't provide the arrow, but it will communicate with your VampArrow if you have it installed.

How do I move the arrow?

Click and drag it while it's visible. To show the arrow while you're not fighting Blood-Queen Lana'thel, simply open your Interface options, click the Add-ons tab, locate VampArrow, and click Toggle Arrow. (Note: You can lock the arrow so it doesn't move during the fight.)

If I'm the one running Vamp in my raid, can I tell who is using VampArrow?

Yes. Use the command /vamp ver.

I don't like the speech bubbles. Can I turn them off?

I've given this option to the raid leader instead of each individual player. Within Vamp, find the Arrow category under the general options tab.


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