UnderHood 2.x FAQ

About this FAQ

This FAQ is an attempt to answer to most common questions about new version of UnderHood. I really appreciate any comments or additions to it.

Installation and previous versions

I have downloaded UnderHood, what should I do next?

If you use an updater like CurseClient you do not need to take any other steps. If you downloaded .zip file from Curse or WowAce then you need to unpack it into Addons folder of your WoW installation.

I have used UnderHood 1.x, how should I install version 2?

First of all I highly recommend you to backup your settings. Move file WTF/Account/<your login>/SavedVariables/UnderHood.lua to safe place so you can revert to it if you will need to. Then install the new version. Unfortunatelly layouts can not be converted to new format, you'll need to create your layout from scratch. But it's much easier than in UnderHood 1.


I've installed UnderHood and launched game but nothing happens. What should I do?

You need to create your layout. Open configuration window and create frames that you need.

How to open configuration window?

Type /uh in chat input line or, or find and click on hood-like icon if you use 'FuBar', 'Fortress', 'ButtonBin' or any other DataBroker addon.


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