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    Mar 19, 2009
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  • 3.0.9


tag 0.9beta
Dave Reisner <d@falconindy.com>
2009-03-19 14:16:26 -0400

Tagging as 0.9beta


Dave Reisner:
    Fix typo in ScanGlyph() call
    Add glyph scanning for 3.1 in case someone decides to use the ToTT glyph (drycoded)
    CLEU now only registers in a group or raid. LDB plugin also provides more info.
    Changed when CLEU is registered with new function CheckForParty()
    Made LDB text more useful, added mouseover tooltip.
    Need to actually add static libs to TOC, dummy.
    Manually packaging LibCBH, LDB and LibStub with project. Added Broker data source.
    Changed when damage counters reset to avoid issues when Rogue cancels Tricks
    Add no-lib-strip tags to TOC
    Fixed LibSink-2.0 reference in .pkgmeta
    Fixed LibSink-2.0 reference in .pkgmeta and .toc
    Update .pkgmeta
    Cleanup unused variables
    Fix typo
    Add sound file (got lost along the way!)
    TOC fix, hopefully
    Cleaned up combat log parser
    Fixed variable tag for project revision in TOC
    Clean up damage reporting
    Revert/remove AddDamage function
    .pkgmeta fix
    Actually implement damage tracking on target
    Remove unused code
    Changed .pkgmeta to fetch less of LibStub
    Moved damage counter to separate function
    Added feature: damage tracking on target:
    Added local function calls
    Initial Commit

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