Q) Other shaman's totems are lingering on my minimap but they're not on the ground.
A) This is usually due to you being out of range when the combatlog message says it's been destroyed. TR will remove the icon when it reaches the age timeout, or we see that shaman cast a new totem.
Q) Other shaman's totems on my minimap aren't accurate, I still get the buff when outside the ring.
A) If a shaman in your group drops a totem, we place the totem's location at the feet of the shaman. Since we don't know the heading of the shaman, we can't know exactly where their totems dropped in relation to their location. So TR then shrinks the circles by 3 yards to make sure you'll always get the buff if you're inside the circle.
Q) Why is TR sending comm traffic to my group?
A) TR is broadcasting the precise location (based on your heading and the 3 yard spawn distance) of your totems so they appear more accurate on other's minimap. Also TR broadcasts when your totems are destroyed just incase another user is out of range to receive the combatlog message.
Q) Why doesn't TR work in pre-WotLK instances?
A) TR needs map coordinates which aren't available in pre-WotLK instances. If Blizzard adds zone maps to the instances in Cataclysm, TR may get updated to function there.


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