This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Since my daughter was born in August last year I've not had the time to play WoD so I've not been able to maintain Telepathy. If anyone would like to take over development, please let me know, otherwise I will continue dev as soon as I get a chance to play again. That being said - I don't think that there have been any API changes which will prevent it from working in WoD.

TELEPATHY is the induction of mental states from one mind to another.

In WoW terms, this addon provides an extension of a players normal skill set, joining the minds of raid and party members into one awesome whole, together capable of feats never before dreamed possible.

Most Important: Telepathy is nothing alone - try it with your friends to see its true power!

What Is It?

Telepathy is an addon aimed at allowing players to share their spell books, as well as see each other's cooldowns. The idea is that you publish an ability from your spell book via Telepathy, which is then added to your party/raid members' Telepathy Spell Books. They can then choose from the list of fellow player's published abilities which ones they would like to use in combat. The ability is added to a Combat Window, which monitors the cooldown of that ability, and allows the player to send an instruction to use the ability to the owning player.

Instructions (User Guide)

  • Open the Telepathy Spell Book by using the slash command /telepathy (or /tele).
  • Drag the abilities you want to publish to the lower bar of the Spell Book - there will be two bars if you have dual spec enabled.
  • Right-click on your ability in the Spell Book to remove it.
  • In the top pane of the Spell Book are your party members' published abilities - left click to add to the Combat Window, right click to remove from the Combat Window.
  • During combat, you will see the abilities you have chosen to watch in the Combat Window, including the cooldowns for those abilities.
  • Left-click on another player's ability in the Combat Window to send that player a request to use the ability.
  • When you receive a request, your ability will light up in the Combat Window (and possibly play a sound, depending on your settings).
  • Clicking on one of your abilities in the Combat Window will cast the ability (it is an action button).

I recommend using this addon with OmniCC to get the cooldown timers nicely displayed on the buttons.

Anyone who can help with translations, please visit the Localization tab on the WowAce site for Telepathy, it would be greatly appreciated!

Notes and To Do List

On the To Do list:

  • Smarter/more efficient spell list updates when joining a group
  • Better animation effect for ability requests
  • Layout improvements
  • Full item support
  • Code cleanup (the code is all over the place, as this is pretty much the first addon I am releasing so I was learning along the way)


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