What is StreamBuddy?

StreamBuddy is a World of Warcraft AddOn that will make your life, as a streamer ingame, easier!

What does StreamBuddy do!?

StreamBuddy allows you to set up and easily send advertises to your own livestream using a simple command (/sb send)

In the future I hope to create a Realm-Wide Livestream browser ingame, but for now the goal is to enable streamers to easily publish their streams ingame.

How do I install StreamBuddy?

Simply unzip the latest release .zip into your WoW/Interface/Addons folder!

StreamBuddy releases are available at GitHub (Betas, Alphas and Normal releases) and Curse (Normal releases only)

How do I USE StreamBuddy?

You can use /sb to bring up the options or you can find them on the Interface > Addons tab on your game configuration.

In order to send your ads you should use the /sb send command. If you don't provide a parameter your default message will be used, otherwise the parameter will be affixed to the Livestream link you set on the configuration screen.

If you need more help, feel free to send me an issue via GitHub or send me a Comment on the addon's page!

Social Media

If you liked this addon, please follow me on my social media and spread this repository to whoever you think might be helped by these weakauras!

You can find me on these social networks / websites: + Twitter + Twitch.TV + YouTube + Facebook + My Personal website


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