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sRaidFrames was designed to replace the raid frames provided by CT_RaidAssist. They share the same look and feel of the original frames, but are highly optimised and even include extra features such as aggro highlighting and display of PVE critical abilities.

The main goal of sRaidFrames is to be just that, frames, nothing more; they do not deliver any other magic that you might know from CT_RaidAssist. This includes Decursing, Bossmods, Raid Status and Emergency Monitor. By not including these features, sRaidFrames will allow anyone the freedom to use whatever mod, if any, they prefer to do the above tasks.

Currently the frames provide a massive improvement in not only memory, but also FPS during raids, combined with oRA2 they are designed to help anyone completely replace CT_RaidAssist.

* Basically same functionality as CT_RaidAssist frames:
o Show debuffs
o Recolor background upon debuff (magic etc)
o Sort by group and class
o Supports click casting (every mod that hooked CT_RA_CustomOnClickFunction will work)
o Keybindings for toggle of sorting and visibility
o Show cooldowns in tooltips, for Rebirth, Soul Stone etc. (Requires oRA2)
o Shows who is dead with soul stone and who has been resurrected (Requires oRA2)
* About 150KiB memory usage
* Optionally Filter certain classes or groups from the frames
* Has a wide range of display options for unit health, select whichever you prefer
* Ability to change texture for Health and Mana bars
* Optionally show buffs on units, that you can cast
* Optionally show debuffs which are not dispellable (usefull for raids, when MT gets a non-dispellable debuff and you'd like to know)
* Shows when PVE critical abilities are used, such as Last Stand, Shield Wall, Innervate.. etc
* Shows amount of debuffs applied to each unit
* Optionally only show tooltips when not in combat
* Highlight units who have aggro
* Range check - dim units that are out of range

.. and much more. }}}


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