SpamageMeters is a simple addon that suppresses chat messages from damage meters like Recount and instead provides a chat-link to provide the blocked damage statistics in a popup.

Currently this project supports meter output from Recount, Numeration, TinyDPS and Skada, but we will accept feature request to add more addons.

Please use the ticket tracker for any feature requests or bugs encountered: Note that the authors do not currently play WoW at the moment, but are still keeping track of this addon. A ticket is the fastest way to report a bug or request a feature or toc update.

Some Remarks:

  • This addon has been tested with Prat and Chatter, and should work. Other chatmods haven't been tested though, so if you encounter any issues, please file a ticket.
  • After encountering the start of a damage report ("Recount - xxx" line), the addon will by default only check the first following second for damage output. If you find that SpamageMeter does not capture all output (in case of extremely large reports or people throttling output) increase the "Capture Delay" slider found on the option panel.
  • The addon is tested and works together with WIM, but due to the way WIM handles whispers, the damage meters are only suppressible by SpamageMeters but not compressible.

Because of the new versions, some localizations are missing or incomplete. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can translate some localization for this addon. Languages still needed: Latin American Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portugese. We also need a few more sentences for French, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
Can be done at:


  • lsjyzjl: Added support for CHAT_MSG_WHISPER_INFORM
  • eggsampler: Additional skada spam catching regex


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