Optionally always show RemoteQuestsTracker #92

  • Enhancment
  • werewindwolf created this issue Jan 14, 2018

    Please add an option to always show the RemoteQuestsTracker (when it's enabled) no matter the status of other SQL frames.

    I think it's useful for remote quests to be shown immediately even when the quest tracker isn't visible.

  • werewindwolf added a tag Enhancment Jan 14, 2018
  • Sorha2 posted a comment Jan 18, 2018

    This one is tricky, as if you anchor a frame to another at the moment it is currently assigning that as its parent, and so it vanishes if its parent does.

    I should be able to get around that in time, but not tonight :(

    In r219+ as a first effort has a toggle button now that will keep it visible against things like the auto show/hide and hide all SQL options in the main settings section. But only if it is not anchored :(

  • werewindwolf posted a comment Jan 20, 2018

    Works quite well now the way it is, for me at least - it isn't anchored anyway.

    Thank you for responding and adding this as quickly. :)


    (It seems to refresh(?) the remote quests when the quest tracker is shown or hidden, also momentarily showing the background textures without alpha/transparency on all frames.  It's been like this before, though I barely noticed it with the "Blizzard Dialog" background.  The "Solid" background texture makes that slight "flashing" way more apparent because it's bright white.

    Not a big thing though, as I usually don't use the "Solid" and "Chat" backgrounds.  Thought you might want to know anyway.)

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