Quests showing upon combat from Stealth #118

  • cc_inquiries created this issue Oct 24, 2020

    Thanks for continuing this excellent quest tracker!


    I find that when entering combat from stealth with quests hidden, quests will be displayed despite the "Auto Hide/Showing" menu section "When entering combat" option being set to "Do Nothing." It's a small gripe, but given that Sql cannot be hidden whilst in combat- I'd like to have an option to keep quests hidden when entering combat from stealth. Just to reiterate the problem: on non Stealth classes/races, I hide quests if not needed- enter combat and the quests remain hidden. When on a stealth class/race however, the quests are shown upon leaving stealth into combat. Is this something changeable/fixable?

  • cc_inquiries edited title Oct 24, 2020
  • humfras posted a comment Apr 13, 2021

    This sounds like it needs some fine tuning.

    I need to reproduce and test this, so this might take some time due to limited ressources of spare time.

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