SorhaFrameDrag is a utility addon inspired by FluidFrames.

Move UI Frames
When installed this addon allows you to freely drag frames such as the spellbook or character pane around.
This doesn't save the positions of the frames, so no risk of losing a frame somewhere.
Whenever you reopen the frame it opens in its default blizzard location

Location Saving Modules
Objective Tracker - Allows the movement and saving location of the blizzard Objective Tracker

Alt Power Bar - Allows the movement and saving location of the Alt Power Bar typically displayed in raids

Extra Action Button - Allows the movement and saving of location of the Extra Action Button that is used in raids/quests

Draenor Zone Ability - Allows the movement and saving of location of the Garrison Zone Ability in Draenor

External Frames
If you want to make a frame visible you can use the command like below:
SorhaFrameDrag:InitCustomFrame(name, frameName)
name = A custom name for your entry
frameName = The name of the frame to make dragable

Recent Changes

  • Nothing

Bug reporting and Suggestions
You can report bugs or suggestions using wowaces ticket system at:

If you want to help localize SorhaFrameDrag you can do so using the wowace localization section at:

Known Issues:

  • Some frames are dragable even without enabling frame drag
  • Addons like chinchilla will overwrite ObjectiveTracker positioning/height


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