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    Apr 14, 2009
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.1.0


First of all, thank you to Zidomo and Xinhuan for all their help.

Removed all Babble-Spell code, and replaced it with GetSpellInfo (patch 2.4 API) for localization, as Babble-Spell is obsolete.

Updated the Libs to the newest versions I could find.

Added Druid spell "Revive".

Added Death Knights to the res auto-list.

r104: added support for AddonLoader: load delayed, set to be enabled for Priests, Shamans, Paladins, and Druids.

r105 cleaned up some code to prevent possible conflicts. Modified the .toc file to create "lib free" version for eventual Curse Client "no externals"/"no libs" support in case users want to install them seperately. The "lib included" version still exists.

5.11 renamed the version to be more consistant with the internal version of SmartRes. This would have been r106

6.02 fixed AddonLoader compatibility, added manual changelog, updated .toc and libs for patch 3.10 of World of Warcraft

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