Skada mixes up the levels of information when in combat #615

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  • mads3012 created this issue Feb 12, 2021

    When I'm in combat, Skada acts weird. It messes up the display of bars corresponding to each "level" of information. When I say level of information I mean the following levels as an example:

    Total -> Damage -> Player names -> Individual player's total damage -> Individual spell's hits, crits etc


    When I'm in combat and click back and fourth through these levels using left/right mouse button, they start to mix up together. The below imgur link shows a simple example of this where I clicked from the display of all player's to my specific spell damage. When in a dungeon or raid group, this becomes extremely hectic as there is a mix of 10-15 spells from on player and then the player names of the remaining 5-20 players.


    The problem does not occur out of combat.



    Edit: I have tried reinstalling and clearing cache without luck.

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