BM hunters second pets kill command damage not tracked #603

  • morvane78 created this issue Oct 17, 2020

    I've been a long time Scada user but since SL launched I've been evaluating Scada vs Details. All other classes have the exact same damage / dps numbers between Scada and details and the same distribution across skills used. The only issues / deltas I've noticed have been with BM hunters. Their secondary pets kill command damage is not being tracked.

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  • nebula169 posted a comment Oct 17, 2020

    It should never have a problem with your own pets since they are tagged as such in the combat log.  Do you have a game log for when it happened?


    Edit: Ooh, this is a problem for other players. What locale are you? I just ran a quick LFR and didn't see any problems

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  • morvane78 posted a comment Oct 17, 2020

    Yeah this isn't me, I main Fury. I noticed it for all BM hunters in our raid.


    Americas - Khaz Modan


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