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  • AutumnLovelace created this issue Dec 17, 2018

    When Skada is using around 18MB it begins to cause brief framedrops/freezes when combat starts.

    This lasts for a brief, but very noticeable period of time (long enough for an enemy to close to melee range from ~20 yards before the game unfreezes)


    System Details

    AddOn Memory Usage during issue

    AddOn Memory Usage after reset


    Methodology for issue discovery:

    1. Disabled addons in sequence, until the freeze stopped happening on combat start.
    2. Freeze went away when Skada was disabled.
    3. Freeze came back when Skada was re-enabled.
    4. Freeze continued when all addons were disabled, except for Skada.

    Reason this was an issue:

    This happens with default addon settings, and causes frame drops to 'mysteriously arise'.

    The character this occured on, is one that I mostly solo world content with - so I never hit any of the cases that Skada would suggest resetting the data.

    The way I had to discover the cause, required tearing appart my addon list to find it.

    Because many addons are involved with combat, it can be difficult to find which addon is causing the problem - and if Skada is found to be causing the problem, a user may not understand that their log is simply too large and instead blame Skada itself - and not the fact that they just haven't reset their logs recently.



    Perhaps consider implementing an automatic log cleanup, on by default, that deletes older data after a certain period of time.

    A fancier option might include deleting 'trash' fights before boss fights.



    I am unsure if the 'General Options > Data Segments to Keep' slider will mediate this issue.

    It may be useful to have a slider that simply says "Max Log Size" which allows the user to set the size in megabytes (or kilobytes?)

    I have set it to 5, and will report back if I see this issue arise again.


    Possibly a warning that when a certain log size is exceeded, it may cause FPS drops/Freezes in combat - making the user aware of why an issue may be happening, and that they can fix the issue themselves without room to blame incorrectly.

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