messy report skada addon #577

  • GustDK created this issue Sep 25, 2018

    When I report any data in the guild channel, the messy positions come out

  • Sortul posted a comment Sep 29, 2018

    What @Diabloxi means is, that when you report SKADA to guild it reports lines out of order like:

    [G] [Torsin]: (357.3) 2. Paandel 165.03M (132.8K, 19.9%)
    [G] [Torsin]: (357.3) Skada: Damage for Total: 21:22 (2 Days 2 Hr):
    [G] [Torsin]: (357.3) 1. Torsin 665.93M (213.5K, 80.1%)


  • CheezDip posted a comment Oct 2, 2018

    I also get reports out of order in guild chat.  However I noticed that the chat window in the Guild & Communities UI gets the order correct.  I think the issue may be a conflict with other chat addons.  I use PRAT.

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