Rogues show up twice in Skada #568

  • Defect
  • martinboy1974 created this issue Aug 26, 2018

    With Skada 1.7.5 the sames rogues show twice in the damage meter under a fight.



    Maybe some of their abilites make them show up twice?

  • martinboy1974 added a tag Defect Aug 26, 2018
  • thatzgold posted a comment Sep 20, 2018

    I think it's with subtlety rogues taking Secret Techniques causing this issue. Secret Techniques


    Been noticing it in M+ and Raids. It may have something to do with the spell creating 'Shadow Clones' as i noticed a similar issue during Legion Sub and the artifact trait 'Akaari's soul', which similarly created a 'Shadow Clone'. Akaari's Soul WoWHead

    Edited Sep 20, 2018

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