Taint Issue #552

  • cadetsbs created this issue Apr 6, 2018


    I'm experiencing a taint log issue that i originally thought was caused by ARKinventory.  I was able to get in contact with the ARKinventory author and provide him taintlog level 2.  After reviewing them, his conclusion was:


    "skada is libstub loaded (ace3 based) so its basically tainted by arkinventory instantly (it loads libstub)

    line 2 in skada.lua is odd, i've not seen an addon defined like that, its possibly why its not showing as the cause of the taint

    4/5 20:52:51.110 Global variable Skada tainted by ArkInventory - Interface\AddOns\Skada\Skada.<wbr />lua:2

    skada touched ToggleDropDownMenu() while in combat - the ui dropdowns have serious taint issues (its one of the reasons i use a

    4/5 20:54:06.481 Global variable UIDROPDOWNMENU_MENU_LEVEL tainted by ArkInventory - Interface\FrameXML\<wbr />UIDropDownMenu.lua:813 ToggleDropDownMenu()
    4/5 20:54:06.481 Interface\AddOns\Skada\Menus.<wbr />lua:443 ModeMenu()
    4/5 20:54:06.481 Interface\AddOns\Skada\<wbr />BarDisplay.lua:45

    youll need to speak to the author of skada"


    If you would like to see the taintlog that were provided to him, please let me know how to provide them as i do not see a way to attach them here.


    Thank you

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