Lua error 331 #549

  • FranekWoW created this issue Mar 10, 2018

    I was in combat. I reloaded UI and then got this error:


    80x ...aceSkada\lib\LibWindow-1.1\LibWindow-1.1-8.lua:128: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
    ...aceSkada\lib\LibWindow-1.1\LibWindow-1.1-8.lua:128: in function `SavePosition'
    Skada\BarDisplay.lua:618: in function <Skada\BarDisplay.lua:535>
    [C]: in function `ApplySettings'
    AddOnSkins\Embed\Skada-1.7.2.lua:45: in function `EmbedSkadaWindow'
    AddOnSkins\Embed\Skada-1.7.2.lua:68: in function `Embed_Skada'
    AddOnSkins\Skins\Skada-1.7.2.lua:74: in function <AddOnSkins\Skins\Skada.lua:72>
    [C]: in function `UpdateDisplay'
    Skada\Skada-1.7.2.lua:1567: in function `StartCombat'
    Skada\Skada-1.7.2.lua:1481: in function `?'
    Skada\Skada-1.7.2.lua:42: in function <Skada\Skada.lua:41>


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