Problem with first hits #539

  • EyeEss1 created this issue Aug 6, 2017

    I have been trying this for a while now, running both Skada and Details to compare the results, skada were only 98% accurate on the dps, it sometimes keep ignoring some of the hits that i do, its often the first but has happened to ignore some others. It's not common to ignore other hits but to demonstrate i will say what i did.

    Having a level 110 warrior i tried doind my full rotation for around 85m damage to compare both details and skada and after that i keep doing small openers with 1 or 2 skills at maximum.

    Whenever i started charge + slam (trauma talented) it only ignored 1 hit in 1 try out of 20. But when i used bladestorm it just ignored the first hit i did 19 times out of 20.

    I've tried hitting standing at melee range of the target, charging then attacking, charging then auto attacking and skill after, tries bladestorm rightnext to it and also while running up to the target.

  • _ForgeUser15539233 posted a comment Aug 13, 2017

    Try to check 'aggressive detection' (or smth like that) in Skada settings.

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