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SQC had a serious issue that caused the add-on to fail due to uncategorized 'War Campaign' quests. It is fixed. I will have my attention for any other kind of inconvenience. I suggest you download ver. 8.0-4 (or higher) of this add-on.

What it is...

A Simple Quest Counter (SQC) for Blizzard's default Map & Quests Log. Neither shiny, nor heavy!

If you enjoy using Blizzard's default user interface, and you miss the good ol' counter of quests, then you should consider this minimal add-on. SQC takes normal quests, daily quests and account-wide quests into account. The counter indication appears on both windowed and full-screen setting of "Map & Quest Log".

  Note: SQC does not count quest-like tasks such as open world available quests (i.e. Broken Isles' World Quests or Draenor's Bonus Objectives) or story progress tasks, like in Suramar.

Verified to work with:

Problems? Suggestions? Let us know.

In case you have issues (problems, bug, suggestions) with SQC, let us know in our issue tracker.

Also, if you know other map and quest related add-ons that you successfully combine with SQC, we would love to hear about it in our comments section.


  • v. 8.0-4: Fixed serious issue with uncategorized 'War Campaign' quests.
  • v. 8.0-3: Fixed various issues about category counters. Refactored code to be more flexible for further fixes and enhancements.
  • v. 8.0-2: Added detailed counters per quest category. Removed completely any click interaction. Fixed various issues.
  • v. 8.0-1.alpha: Early release for BfA pre-patch.
  • v. 7.1-4: Added mouse interaction: left-click toggles the size of the map and right-click shows more quest count details on tooltip. Also, changed the color indication to a three-color version (white/yellow/red).
  • v. 7.1-3: Added support for color indication; the counter turns gradually from white to orange(-ish), proportionally to the amount of the quests.
  • v. 7.1-2: It is the actual first version of this addon.


Authoring & Management: Rhetbull, aka Ioannis @ Hellscream <EU>

Consultation: Lightshadow

Feedback: Lightshadow, Arezius, Bloodseeker

Special thanks to: H0PE for the Mapster experience, sirzooro for the heads-up!


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