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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.2.5



Changed in v80205.0

  • Updated for 8.2.5
  • Added Honey Smasher to Stormsong Valley
  • Fixed the creation of the macro
  • Changed to a new version number scheme that makes more sense now Classic is a thing

Changed in v4.0.17

  • Added questids for most Mechagon and Nazjatar rares
  • Added some missing Nazjatar rares
  • If we don't know questids, treat a vignette as the source as equivalent to an incomplete quest. This should help with future no-quest-known-yet situations over-alerting
  • Properly suppress mobs that were flagged as hidden from mouseover and targeting alerts

Changed in v4.0.16

  • Updated for 8.2
  • Added Mechagon and Nazjatar rares (questids to come)
  • Added I Thought You Said They'd Be Rare and Rest In Pistons achievements
  • Rearrange some mobs that were added in later expansions (Cataclysm and Mists) into the categories for the expansion whose zone they're in, because that makes more sense
  • Ignored mobs are no longer shown in the broker plugin
  • Other missing questids added

Changed in v4.0.15

  • Config wasn't opening because localization for some zone names was broken

Changed in v4.0.14

  • HandyNotes integration properly ignores rares you can't interact with because of your faction
  • Range-extended vignettes: shrink the clickable size a bit so you can click through them more easily
  • 8.1.5 compatibility fixes
  • Various mob fixups from NLZ
  • Other missing questids

Changed in v4.0.13

  • Extend the range of vignettes on your minimap, so we don't keep on alerting for things without giving you any clue as to where they are.
  • Questids added for (almost) all the BfA Adventurer mobs

Changed in v4.0.12

  • Adventurer achievements for BfA, to track whether you've killed those mobs already
  • Bad mapids: Isle of Thunder, Deepholm

Changed in v4.0.11

  • Bug in a few areas where vignettes exist but don't provide information
  • More Timeless Isle questids
  • Bad map ids in Frostfire Ridge
  • Update embedded version of LibStub-2.0 to fix an error with chat channels

Changed in v4.0.10

  • Broker tooltip sorts mobs alphabetically
  • Add questid tracking to (most) Timeless Isle mobs
  • Various bad map ids: Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Krasarang Wilds, Ghostlands, Underbelly, Westlands, Blackrock Mountain
  • TomTom integration via HandyNotes was broken

Changed in v4.0.9

  • Vignettes with different names from their associated mob should now be detected on non-English locales.
  • Elwynn Forest rares were in the wrong zone

Changed in v4.0.8

  • You Won't Believe This One Simple Trick To Increase Vignette Detection Range!
  • Also, fix for lua error in combat related to vignette positions

Changed in v4.0.7

  • ...stupid typo in the TOC broke everything.

Changed in v4.0.6

  • Some map function related issues in BfA.

Changed in v4.0.5

  • Updated for Battle for Azeroth
  • New option: ignore all mobs in a given module. (E.g. "please shut up about every single Legion rare".)
  • Filled in lots of completion data for the Legion Adventurer achievements
  • Added the Commander of Argus achievement
  • Adjust colors in the dropdown and handynotes: red for not-complete, yellow for partially-complete (quest / achievement), green for fully complete

Changed in v4.0.3

  • Updated for 7.3
  • Argus mobs
  • Some new backend support for hiding junk rares (i.e. the Treasure Goblins, and some class-specific ones)

Changed in v4.0.2

  • TOC for 7.2
  • Questids for various world bosses

Changed in v4.0.1

  • New feature: automatic hiding of the popup after you've not interacted with it for a while (default: 30 seconds)
  • Added text input to the ignore options, so you don't have to find the mob in its expansion
  • Improved the text input for ignore/custom, so you can enter "target", "mouseover", the mob's id, the mob's name (if we know about it)
  • Properly faction-classify all remaining faction-specific rares
  • Lots more Legion rare questids
  • Cleaned up a lot of tight clusters of the same mob on the map
  • Added some fallbacks for mob-names so it's less likely you'll see "Unknown"
  • The wrong Gorok had been included for ages, in Warlords. Sorry, Horde garrison havers.
  • Fixed some of the database migration code

Changed in v4.0.0

  • Major rewrite to remove the "import data" paradigm
  • Known mobs are now in per-expansion datasets, which you can disable entirely
  • Various skins for the click-target popup (mostly based on the various loot toasts, admittedly)
  • Show on popup whether the mob is dead, and try to pick this up during combat via combat-log events
  • Rearranged the options a lot
  • Marker will now respect other announcement settings

Changed in v3.2.9

  • TOC for 7.1
  • More Legion vignettes and questids

Changed in v3.2.8

  • CreateTitleRegion was removed by Blizzard, requiring some minor rewriting
  • More Legion vignettes and questids

Changed in v3.2.7

  • Option to not alert on rare mobs we've already killed, if we know the achievement / questid for them
  • Option to not alert for rare mobs which are no longer flagged as rare
  • More Legion vignettes and questids
  • Flag some faction-only Legion mobs

Changed in v3.2.6

  • Fix irrelevant map icons appearing while inside caves / other subzones
  • Be more likely to record some information about distant mobs
  • Made the minimap icon options more obvious
  • Fill in a lot of Legion rare questids
  • Rewrote the dataminer, to be less likely to lose old information

Changed in v3.2.5

  • Remove debugging vignette sound, which was accidentally left in from Legion update

Changed in v3.2.4

  • Screen flashing alert works again

Changed in v3.2.3

  • Update for Legion
  • New setting to control how verbose the macro is
  • Don't trust a vignette for mob saving purposes unless we already know lots about it
  • Click target sometimes said a mob's name was "0"
  • Bounce the WoW icon in the dock, if possible, depending on your OS (okay, it's MacOS)

Changed in v3.2.2

  • Add keybinds for running a scan
  • Re-add the Mysterious Camel Figurine locations, which had left us for a bit
  • Use HereBeDragons-1.0 instead of Astrolabe for map calculations

Changed in v3.2.1

  • Avoid triggering if map treasure POIs have the same name as a rare
  • Allow filtering out of Draenor zones
  • Don't record the names given for mobs in achievements, since they're sometimes not correct

Changed in v3.2.0

  • Updated for for 6.2
  • Ran dataminer
  • Scan world map for POIs, too (Tanaan bosses)
  • Fix TomTom name display issue
  • Add the Hellbane achievement
  • Tooltips: show whether quest flag for a mob is known and completed

Changed in v3.1.5

  • Recolored some map icons
  • Ran the dataminer again for new coordinates
  • Stopped alerting when you find the dead Time Lost Proto Drake in Nagrand
  • Marker ignores mobs better
  • Update the macro when finding a new rare

Changed in v3.1.4

  • Stop the popup from showing for Haakun the All-Consuming, since it reliably crashes the game. For reals.
  • Fix some wowhead data being missing from the defaults
  • Fix minimap tooltip not showing
  • Separate out the achievements and quest filters for handynotes
  • Adjusted the handynotes icons. Special icons for mount-dropping mobs...

Changed in v3.1.3

  • Stop the Outland rares from showing up in the Draenor zones of the same name
  • Ignore the Ashran quartermasters if you're their faction
  • The mobs with the mounts
  • Count having completed the hidden tracking quests as "achieved" for handynotes integration purposes
  • Tweak the appearance of the click-target popup a bit

Changed in v3.1.2

  • Include the Draenor rares
  • Include the tooltip / LDB completion notes for Draenor achievements
  • Some attempt at matching up rares whose vignette-name is different from the actual mob's name
  • Fix automatic-localization of rare names via tooltip-scanning
  • Fix making waypoints in TomTom

Changed in v3.1.0

  • Update for 6.0
  • Remove cache-scanning. 6.0 broke it. Blizzard has never liked it, so I doubt we're getting it back. :P
  • Improve vignette scanning to compensate. 6.0 should have made it more reliable.

Changed in v3.0.10

  • Include the handynotes settings in SD's options, since they're all hidden away in the main HN options
  • Add a toggle for the frame locking... apparently the ALT-drag thing was non-obvious.
  • Finally fix the last-seen-time ceiling
  • Handynotes options to show/hide achieved mobs, and non-achievement mobs
  • Option to disable rare announcing if dead
  • Looking for achievement mobs: a sound default
  • Disabling special sounds for mounts: wasn't working
  • Add achievement status to broker and handynotes
  • Update the zoom when the zone changes, too
  • Add a range display ring to the minimap
  • Was missing Throne of Thunder
  • The max mapid is no longer below 950...
  • Include Timeless Champion achievement
  • Try to scan vignettes
  • Get the Timeless Isle zoneid in there
  • Rearrange notes on handynote popup
  • Fix Krasarang terrain issue
  • Strip out (Jade) from syncs.
  • 5.2 zones should be flagged as MoP
  • Warbringer should be in mount list
  • Use manual camel coords provided by MysticalOS
  • Missed a label

Changed in v3.0.5

  • Make to work in 5.2
  • New option to only import mobs which are relevant to achievements
  • Mark rares when targeted / mouseovered, to make them easier to track down
  • Improvements to HandyNotes integration
  • Show achievement status in tooltips ("Glorious!: Needed / Already killed")
  • Targeting macro now doesn't try to target ignored mobs
  • Stop using UIFrameFlash, since it taints the glyph frame
  • Don't announce faction-specific mobs if you're not of the appropriate faction

Changed in v3.0.0

  • Rewritten extensively to better handle the new mob/zone information that's been made available since early 2009.

Changed in v2.6.3

  • Update for 5.0
  • NPCScan.Overlay integration
  • Remove cartographer support, already
  • Drop LibTourist
  • Mine for datas
  • Adjust zone handling so that Darkmoon Faire and Molten Front aren't considered the same zone. (Blizzard calls them both zoneid 0, so...)

Changed in v2.6.1

  • TOC increase for 4.3
  • New version of LibTourist-3.0, which was locking up the game when entering the world
  • Avoid a race condition that could happen when setting up the macro while changing zones
  • Run the dataminer

Changed in v2.6

  • Scan neighboring zones as well as the current
  • More customization in what rares to ignore, based on expansion zone
  • Show a list of rares seen this session in the broker plugin
  • Registers a sending prefix, for those times when Blizzard feels like enforcing that
  • New player location code, should account for changing zone terrain better

Changed in v2.5

  • 4.2
  • Syncing of rare-seeing between party members and guild members (switchable off for performance / keeping the rares to yourself)
  • Dataminer has been rewritten somewhat
  • Mysterious Camel Figurine now included (see above)
  • Record NPC ids from target/mouseover instead of relying purely on the import

Changed in v2.4.3

  • Astrolabe error for people with an updated version of Handynotes is fixed
  • Quite a few new cataclysm rares included in the data; reimport to pick them up
  • Disabling the rare popup wasn't working
  • Some people reported an error when the screen flashed to alert them of a rare. This should plausibly be fixed... though I could never actually reproduce it myself, so no promises yet.

Changed in v2.4.1

  • Fix problem with cache-scanning not always working
  • Reran dataminer to pick up information on tamable mobs, which had gone missing

Changed in v2.4

  • TOC to 40000
  • Option to skip scanning while on a taxi
  • Config rearranged
  • Dataminer run once more

Changed in v2.3.4

  • New "clear all rares" option in config.
  • HandyNotes updates in response to import/clear without needing a reloadui.
  • Actually includes the non-vern dataminer run.

Changed in v2.3.3

  • Update for 30300
  • Run dataminer. Forcibly exclude Vern from the dump. So if you clear your seen-rares and then do a new import, you won't see the popup for Vern in Dalaran any more.

Changed in v2.3.2

  • Better handling of player location in instances
  • Add zhTW rares translation submitted by s8095324.
  • Fix Nameplate/Cache scanning
  • Run dataminer

Changed in v2.3.1

  • Missing AceLocale-3.0 embed.
  • Cartographer integration bug.

Changed in v2.3.0

  • Default rare list localized to: deDE, frFR, ruRU, esES. Run an import to pick 'em up.
  • Better filtering-out of player pets.
  • Bump the TOC for SilverDragon_Data, so you don't need to enable out of date addons to import rares any more.

Changed in v2.2.3

  • Different layouts for portrait and full-body model views. Full-body is big and on top of the frame.
  • Bump TOC
  • AceConsole-3.0 embed was missing. Oops.

Changed in v2.2.2

  • Adjust said targeting frame a bit.
  • Fix a bunch of errors I found when looking at the Scarshield Quartermaster.
  • More feedback when creating a macro.

Changed in v2.2.1

  • Show in the tooltip whether a mob is already in the unit cache.
  • Option to choose what ways of seeing a rare will make the targeting frame appear.
  • Bugfix for the click-to-target options not showing. (Thanks to EthanCentaurai!)

Changed in v2.2.0

  • Add click-to-target frame that pops up when a rare is seen.
  • Add macro-generator.
  • Configure which sound is played when a rare is found. (Thanks to EthanCentaurai!)
  • Options for which scanning methods to use.

Changed in v2.1.2

  • Quick fix for a nil error

Changed in v2.1.1

  • Add cache-scanning, much credit to NPCScan by Saiket.
  • More options for notifying you: text, sound, screen-flashing.
  • LDB tooltip now says whether the rare is tameable.
  • [b]For the cache-scanning to work, you have to import data. It relies on NPC ids that can't be gained from within the game.[/b]

Changed in v2.0 r20090403010638

  • Add a minimap icon for those without.
  • Assorted bugfixes

Changed in 2.0 r20090225045942

  • Fix a missing LibSink-2.0 embed.

Changed in 2.0 r20090224102127

  • Total rewrite for WotLK. It's Ace3 now, and works with HandyNotes or Cartographer to put notes on your map.

Changed in v1.0 r49794

  • Update for 2.2.
  • Add deDE localization.
  • Some distance tweaks to rare location saving.

Changed in v1.0 r36305

  • Update for 2.1.
  • Add zhTW translation from norova.

Changed in v1.0 r32928

  • Improve TBC rares defaults.
  • Fix a few potential bugs.

Changed in v1.0 r27768

  • Add TBC rares to defaults, provided by Astaldo on wowace forums.
  • Adjust display of coordinates to "x.x,y.y" instead of "x,y".
  • Better Cartographer information -- show rare info in the Cartographer tooltip.
  • Tweaked nameplate scanning for efficiency.

Changed in v1.0 r21954

  • Initial release.