Host the addon outside of CurseForge #40

  • Caylia created this issue Feb 10, 2022

    As CurseForge is locking out everyone except Overwolf's own addon manager (source:, please host this addon elsewhere than CurseForge (at least co-host it elsewhere).

    Options include:

    • Hosting a .zip file of the addon in a GitHub repository (this allows WowUp to pull it down)
    • Hosting it on WowUpHub website
    • Hosting it on (allows monetization to continue, if that is a concern)
    • Hosting it on TukUI
    • Hosting it on WowInterface

    I am personally using WowUp to update addons, and while I very much respect that some addon creators want their work monetized, and believe that they should have the option, I do not support the Overwolf lock-out simply because they want everyone to use their app. If monetization is a priority, I suggest using as addon hosting, as it allows for monetization of addons, also while using WowUp; which shows they're willing to find solutions, rather than the Overwolf approach of refusing to cooperate.
    I don't mind anyone hosting their addons on CurseForge, but please, please, please host it outside of CurseForge as well, for those of us who would like to cut ties with CurseForge, but still use your amazing addon <3

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