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    This analysis is based on the v3.0 version of the SharedMedia addon.
    This table lists font files discovered in the addon, their MD5 hashes, and the specific versions of fonts they were matched to. Following the table is a discussion of individual fonts or families and their licensing implications for the way they are distributed with this addon.
    filePath fileName fileMD5 fontName fontVersion fontCopyright fontCost fontDesigner
    SharedMedia\fonts\ ABF.ttf 50545262a6164daad980a395b00d0c55 Myriad Condensed Web Version 1.00 Copyright 1992-1997 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. commercial Adobe
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Adventure.ttf b80c6ee76905d765b757a60581acb680 Adventure Version 1.00 April 13, 2006, initial release (c)2000 Neale Davidson free Neale Davidson
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Avqest.ttf 9bf9a9f94c3a78ae31a960916eb25bb6 AvQest 1.3 GemFonts 98 / Imitation Warehouse free Graham Meade
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Bazooka.ttf cd5bc415c2e4ee3b50e7b8a5053c75d9 Bazooka Altsys Fontographer 3.5 5/26/92 Generated by Fontographer 3.5 public domain  
    SharedMedia\fonts\ BigNoodleTitling.ttf ff78c5e2b6c3846035dae28cdaa65583 BigNoodleTitling Version 1.1; 2003 Copyright (c) James Arboghast/Sentinel Type, 2003. All rights reserved. This font is free and distributable. You may: a) use it free of charge for any personal or commercial purpose, b) email it to anybody, upload it to archive sites & bulletin boards and free James Arboghast
    SharedMedia\fonts\ BigNoodleTitling-Oblique.ttf 52629e481c4d4df7a9783ed08bdecdef BigNoodleTitling Oblique Version 1.1; 2003 Copyright (c) James Arboghast/Sentinel Type, 2003. All rights reserved. This font is free and distributable. You may: a) use it free of charge for any personal or commercial purpose, b) email it to anybody, upload it to archive sites & bulletin boards and free James Arboghast
    SharedMedia\fonts\ BlackChancery.ttf 753833d2833e9f73b56cffae357cf95f BlackChancery Altsys Metamorphosis:4/30/93 From Doug Miles' Black Chancery bitmap font. Outlines by Earl Allen & Doug Miles. Public domain. public domain  
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Emblem.ttf 7b332d1e093f175988afb875e2883f40 Emblem Print Artist: Sierra Online, Inc. From the WSI-Font Collection. Copyright (c)1994 Weatherly Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Redistribution strictly prohibited. commercial WSI
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Enigma__2.ttf 6de4a5a9e4ce2c8f1470f3c0feff4520 Enigmatic Version 2.1, September 2003 Enigmatic ©2003 by Starving-4 Entertainment, This font is licensed under the terms of the Design Science Licence: free Darren Rigby
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Movie_Poster-Bold.ttf 67ea7ef190da08849a7b5bbd25582945 Movie Poster Bold Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 1/31/1999 v1.1 Created by ShyWedge, 1999. ( free ShyFonts
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Porky.ttf b229d782982f17b6899e0a35097bf851 Porky's Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.2 5/28/98 Porky's ©1998, Font-a-licious Fonts. free Font-a-licious
    SharedMedia\fonts\ rm_midse.ttf 1f6b5acbc4a0671944acf2bdc431937c RM_midserif 001.004 Copyright Mecanorma International 1991. \ All rights reserved. This product is licensed, not sold, \ and may not be reproduced without the consent of \ Mecanorma International commercial Mecanorma
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Tangerin.ttf e4b612cd2918c2f931bbaa31b1241570 Tangerine XCn 1.0 Tue Nov 26 23:12:11 1996 Copyright Timour Jgenti / Lucifer Vision 1995-1996 free Timour Jgenti
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Tw_Cen_MT_Bold.ttf 8bebf23e6ed3dfa5adf9524ddbb2f02e Tw Cen MT Bold Version 0.92 Digitized data copyright The Monotype Corporation 1991-1997. All rights reserved. Twentieth Century&tm; is a trademark of The Monotype Corporation which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. commercial Monotype
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Ultima_Campagnoli.ttf 2e49b856443da303ee887867ce8fb0c6 Ultima Campagnoli 1.0 Sun Nov 02 14:53:03 1997 Created by Manuel Campagnoli 71636940-J free Manuel Campagnioli
    SharedMedia\fonts\ VeraSe.ttf 2b03beca2e3fe5564fba8911a1a3ee60 Bitstream Vera Serif Release 1.10 Copyright (c) 2003 by Bitstream, Inc. All Rights Reserved. free GNOME
    SharedMedia\fonts\ Yellowjacket.ttf 63fb3835d2877147f24dd98c22973497 Yellowjacket 1 2002 Iconian Fonts free Iconian Fonts


    Myriad Condensed Web by Adobe
    Myriad is an Adobe Originals typeface. It has gone through several revisions over the past 15 years. At one point, Adobe distributed a free download of some older versions directly from their web site. They did not authorize any other distribution methods, and no longer distribute the font this way. A newer version of the font is available for purchase and licensing from Adobe, but it is unclear whether it would allow unlimited distribution such as with an addon. The addon author should probably remove this font.
    Adventure by Neale Davidson
    Neale specializes in recreations of easily recognized type styles from pop culture, such as those from movie posters, television series, or even toys. Distribution rights for his free fonts are unclear, but a recent posting on his forums seems to imply that they can be distributed as long as the end user is linked back to Neale's web site. The addon author should probably contact Neale at to confirm what form this documentation should take.
    AvQest by Graham Meade
    Graham is an Australian designer who has released many cool fonts of his own over the past 15 years. He has also participated in a number of workshops that released collaborative efforts. Different fonts have different distribution requirements. The addon author should probably contact Graham to confirm these requirements at or through his web page at Moorstation.
    Bazooka has been around since the earliest days of the TrueType format in 1992. The original designer never took credit for this work, and it has been assumed to be in the public domain. As such, it has no restrictions on distribution or use.
    BigNoodleTitling from James Arborghast
    James is recently back in the font scene, with the relaunch of his Sentinel Type foundry. While he has produced a number of free designs, some newer ones are not. There is incosistent documentation in the fonts and on his web site. The addon author should probably contact James at to determine whether the specific file version distributed with this addon is free or commercial.
    Emblem by Weatherly Systems, Inc.
    WSI no longer licenses any fonts for distribution, for legal reasons. Most of their fonts were forgeries and they were successfully sued in Europe for distributing them. Addon authors should never distribute these fonts.
    Enigmatic by Darren Rigby
    Darren is a Canadian designer who created a wide variety of fonts and released them through his companies Starving-4 Entertainment and Objets Dart. He allows free distribution of his fonts as long as they are accompanied by licensing documentation. That documentation is not included with this addon. Also, a newer version of this font is available from the Objects Dart website with improved features and clearer (yet still free) licensing and distribution requirements. The newer version also supports Cyrillic text, which may be of interest to players in Russia. The addon author is encouraged to update to the newer version of this font.
    Movie Poster Bold by ShyFonts
    ShyFoundry distributes a number of commercial and free fonts. According to their website, their free fonts can generally be distributed as long as they contain the correct licensing documentation. The addon author should contact Shy at for more details.
    Porky's by Font-a-licious
    The yummily named Font-a-licious was the unfortunate victim of cybersquatters for almost 6 years. They recently got their site back with the help of Font Bros. According to their web site, their free fonts require accomanying documentation to distribute. The addon author may wish to contact the designer for additional details.
    RM_midserf by Mecanorma
    In 1999 the Mecanorma brand was bought by Trip Productions, who in 2004 licensed the typefaces to International TypeFounders who released them as the Mecanorma Collection. These commercial fonts are not available to license for unlimited redistribution. The addon author should probably remove this font from the addon.
    Tangerine XCn by Timour Jgenti
    Timour and his company Lucifer Vision are no longer designing and distributing fonts. While he originally allowed users to download his fonts for free from his web site, he did not allow users to redistribute them. If addon authors wish to distribute this font, they may be able to contact him for permission at one of the following old work email addresses: or This masked email alias from another domain registration might also get forwarded to him:
    Tw Cen MT by Monotype/Microsoft
    This version of the Tw Cen MT family was licensed by Microsoft to distribute with several of their software products, including Microsoft Office. The EULA for this font does not allow it to be distributed in an unlimited manner such as with an addon. Information for licensing a current version of this font for distribution with software can be found at the Microsoft typography website. If this proves to be cost prohibitive, the author should probably stop distributing these fonts with the addon.
    Ultima Campagnoli by Manuel Campagnoli
    Manuel has an updated version of several of his fonts available at his Live Space. Addon authors should contact him at or for permission to distribute them.
    Bitstream Vera Sans by GNOME
    The GNOME foundation maintains and distributes the liberally licensed Vera family in cooperation with Bitstream. The addon author has neglected to include appropriate licensing documentation with these fonts. The author can find correct documentation at the GNOME web site.
    Yellowjacket by Iconian Fonts
    Dan Zadorozny runs Iconian Fonts. He's a patriotic individual who allows most of his fonts to be distributed noncommercially for free with appropriate documentation. This addon is missing that documentation. The addon author should probably contact Dan at to confirm distribution requirements.
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    OMFG I hate you for taking my ABF font away, DIAF.

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