Serenity Now

A tool to have as much of the needed information from each class within eye sight so that you can say Serenity Now!

To report any bugs or feature requests please go Here

To configure use "/sn" for options.


  • Debuff monitor to keep track of your DoTs
  • Cooldown monitor to keep track of your raid's cooldowns
  • A power bar(energy or mana) to keep track of how much power you have and also tick marks to show how much your main spell will need to be used
  • A Class power bar..
  • Spellsteal/Purge system to inform you there is a buff on the target that can be removed by you.
  • Player cast bar.
  • CC tracker and announcer for who broke it.
  • Threat warning system to inform a class who has threat management to use it now.
  • Interrupt warning to let you know that you are able to interrupt the target's spell if you have an interrupt off CD.
  • Witty Bloodlust announcer
  • Raid Buff checker
  • Ready Check window
  • Raid Inviter

I am in need of localizations of different regions. If you would like to help please PM me


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