SellJunk sells all junk to the vendors. This includes all grey items and user specified items, that can be added to list of exceptions. It can either sell these items automatically at each vendor or you can do it manually by clicking "Sell Junk" button on each vendor's frame. You can also see how much gold you made from selling the trash. It can also destroy all junk instead of selling it, if you're far from vendors.


  • /sj
    • will open config window
  • /sj add itemlink
    • will add given item to exception list (to create itemlink Shift-Click any item in inventory)
  • /sj destroy
    • will destroy all junk in inventory
  • /sj destroy x
    • will destroy x pieces of junk in inventory


If you'd like to add/update localizations, do so here.

Bugs / Suggestions:

If you have encountered any problem, or if you think theres something missing. Feel free to post a ticket here.


  • What is an exception list?
    • If you want the addon to sell other than grey quality items, or you want to not sell some of those grey items, then exception list is the thing you are looking for.
  • How do I add item to exception list?
    • Type "/selljunk" and then type either name of the item, or just part of the name (but be aware it might sell items with similar names), or just drag the item from inventory into the input field.
  • What if I want to stop it from selling some grey quality item?
    • Just add this item to exception list and it will always skip it.
  • Can it destroy souldbound items, that you can't use (e.g. plate items on mage)?
    • Nope, and it never will support it. The aim is to stay as lightweight as possible.


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