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2009-09-16  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

[7675c5211ab8] [tip]
* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.4 for changeset e34b32bcb069

[e34b32bcb069] [v2.4]
* SavedInstances.lua

- add in initial support for making indicators colored by class (new option)
Thanks for the idea, Shez!

2009-08-18  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta, SavedInstances.lua SavedInstances.toc

- .pkgmeta now embeds AceTimer-3.0
- Ticket 27: missing localization ought to be fixed
- Ticket 17: got started, configuration stuff all works but is hidden for now
- Ticket 25: on hold, configuration stuff all works but is hidden for now

2009-08-17  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* SavedInstances.lua

- Ticket 26: configuration settings tidied up a bit as per ticket
- Ticket 25: started work on colouring columns, but waiting for guidance

2009-08-16  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta:

- .pkgmeta now embeds the latest beta of Ace3 (Beta-r820)

2009-08-14  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.1 for changeset 27b43d996dcb

[27b43d996dcb] [v2.3.1]
* SavedInstances.lua

- icon usage in indicators is more robust and correct

* SavedInstances.lua

- fix some tooltip ugliness when moving mouse between addon icon and tooltip

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0 for changeset 39b9be740b71

[39b9be740b71] [v2.3.0]
* SavedInstances.lua

- welcome to a 3.2 release! yay! long time coming, thanks for your patience!
- Ticket 23 fixed: re-ordering not only corrected but vastly optimized

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta8 for changeset 5c18ca099c9a

[5c18ca099c9a] [v2.3.0-beta8]
* SavedInstances.lua

- tooltip errors all seem fixed now
- re-ordering fixes (and release) coming soon!

2009-08-13  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta7 for changeset f47d420aa5a8

[f47d420aa5a8] [v2.3.0-beta7]
* SavedInstances.lua

- thanks Torhal for some handy suggestions
- indicator settings are completely different to categories: fixes Ticket 22 and similar reported problems

2009-08-11  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta6 for changeset 5e6d5076b3bc

[5e6d5076b3bc] [v2.3.0-beta6]
* SavedInstances.lua

- somewhat clumsy short-term fix for the tooltip error (nil comparison)

2009-08-05  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta5 for changeset 6589ce59c1da

[6589ce59c1da] [v2.3.0-beta5]
* SavedInstances.lua

- tooltips compacted slightly (especially the indicator tooltip)
- character names showing up properly now

Known issues:
- category name is still making the tooltip larger than necessary
- reordering instances is currently broken
- could do with slightly more general polish

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta4 for changeset e178bb312fba

[e178bb312fba] [v2.3.0-beta4]
* SavedInstances.lua

- lots of minor bugfixes, addon should finally be working!
- instance re-ordering is still mysteriously broken, working on it

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta3 for changeset c3412eca6071

[c3412eca6071] [v2.3.0-beta3]
* SavedInstances.lua

- fix silly bug in tooltip (missed a nil check)
- hopefully all phrases are in the WowAce locale system now

2009-08-04  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta2 for changeset 78cb42a5814d

[78cb42a5814d] [v2.3.0-beta2]
* SavedInstances.lua

- fix the indicator tooltips (complete forgot to finish work there)
- remove a few unnecessary "optimizations"

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.3.0-beta for changeset 2ebff45da832

[2ebff45da832] [v2.3.0-beta]
* SavedInstances.lua

Resolve Tickets
- Ticket 11: indicators in separate columns
- Ticket 4: instance categories
- Ticket 18: 3.2-compatible indicators
- Ticket 19: some user-modifiable instance information

Couldn't actually test this version much at all. Any required fixes will come thick and fast. :)

* SavedInstances.lua

- blah blah, broken version, blah blah code-backup
- do not report errors because I'm not interested, blah blah

- vastly improved list entry re-ordering
- configuration UI should definitely be final now
- tooltip contents still completely broken
- 16 text strings yet to be entered in WowAce locale system

* SavedInstances.lua

- there are major bugs that prevent the addon from functioning correctly
- this code is in an unfinished state and I don't want to see bug reports for this

- configuration screens are now finished
- tooltip is still completely broken
- over a dozen strings cannot yet be localized

2009-08-03  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* SavedInstances.lua

- this release is for backup purposes and localization and has known bugs
- this release will not work at all and I do not wish to hear about bugs you find

- Ticket 16: the changes to LibQTip have been properly accounted for
- Ticket 11: started work on separating indicators our into separate columns
- Ticket 4: started work on the basic categories system

2009-08-02  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta, SavedInstances.lua SavedInstances.toc

- LibQTip has changed quite a bit and this commit is only to find out what I need to do
- this ALPHA version will definitely cause errors, and I don't want to hear about it :)
- Ticket 16: new LibQTip, started work

- Ticket 20: left-clicking icon takes us to Blizzard Raid Information
- various localization updates (thanks heaps guys!)

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