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2009-04-08  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

[4146da891638] [tip]
* SavedInstances.lua

- dropped FuBar support, sorry :( see forum post
- fixed DockingStation tooltip duplication
- new option for new instance default behaviour
- embedding latest LibQTip-1.0 beta (r66) properly
- not embedding CallbackHandler-1.0
- using LibStub properly
- options code is a little tidier
- failed to correct aesthetic tooltip issue

* .hgignore, .pkgmeta, Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua SavedInstances.toc

- no more FuBar support, see forum post, sorry :(
- new option to show/hide new instances from todo-list by default
- fixed DockingStation duplication bug
- update to latest LibQTip-1.0 beta (r66)
- correct LibQTip-1.0 embedding
- stop embedding CallbankHandler-1.0
- correct LibStub embedding
- options code a little tidier

2009-02-25  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta:

- embed latest LibQTip-1.0 beta (r57)

2009-02-16  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta:

- embed the latest Ace3 beta (Beta-r741)

2009-02-14  jokeyrhyme  <jokeyrhyme>

* .pkgmeta:

- embedding new LibQTip-1.0 beta (r55-beta)

2009-01-30  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.0 for changeset 9527265d987d

[9527265d987d] [v2.0]
* Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua

- added method for seeing instance IDs and time-left

2009-01-28  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.0-beta2 for changeset ff59da8bb6e0

[ff59da8bb6e0] [v2.0-beta2]
* SavedInstances.toc

- "dungeons" to "instances" for consistency
- silly .toc typo with LibQTip-1.0

* Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua

- replaced all references to "dungeons" to "instances" (consistency)

* .hgtags:

Added tag v2.0-beta for changeset cc7f99a5dd43

[cc7f99a5dd43] [v2.0-beta]
* - merged "nextgen" branch into "default"
- TODO provide options to show additional details (ID and expiry)

* Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua

- instance re-ordering now working
- shown instances setup now ordered based on tooltip order

2009-01-27  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua

- instance show/hide functioning well
- TODO fix instance re-ordering

2009-01-26  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua

- many bugfixes
- TODO minor bug with column alignment
- TODO configuration needs lots of rework

* InstanceDB.lua SavedInstances.lua

- removed reliance on InstanceDB
- InstanceDB deleted
- new "shopping list" strategy deployed across all functions
- TODO configuration screens need rework now

2009-01-21  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .pkgmeta, Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua SavedInstances.toc

- removed fixed ordered list of instances per expansion
- removed date and time formatting options
- restructured DB to facilitate new direction
- addon will eventually build the list of instances as you play
- new functions for user-configured instance order

2009-01-20  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* InstanceDB.lua Locales/enUS.lua SavedInstances.lua SavedInstances.toc

- first "nextgen" commit

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.2.5 for changeset e1698c5dc65a

[e1698c5dc65a] [v1.2.5]
* .pkgmeta, SavedInstances.lua SavedInstances.toc

- fixed possible LoD issue with WoW 3.0.3
- correctly embed Tablet-2.0

2009-01-19  JokeyRhyme  <jokeyrhyme@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

- tagged as v1.2.4
- migrate from SVN to Mercurial
- migrate from embeds.xml to .toc

[0a6d96e689ab] [v1.2.4]
* .hgignore, .pkgmeta, SavedInstances.lua SavedInstances.toc icon.tga

- initial commit to local Mercurial repository

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