This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Sackville replaces the default bag interface with virtual bags using customizable filtering and sorting rules. Type /sack help in-game to see available options or just /sack to open the configuration screen.

Latest News

2012-10/25 The plan for this evening is to add a profile management screen so that you can copy a profile from another character. Another feature that I want to add soon is the ability to add per-bag enable/disable and the ability to make a copy of a bag so that you can easily duplicate a player bag to a bank bag.

2012-10-22 New alpha build pushed to integrate with the game Interface menu. Now, any changes are not committed until you click the Okay button, or changes are reverted if you click Cancel. I also added support for equipment sets. You can also reset your profile from the configuration screen. The configuration screenshots are now slightly outdated and I will update them at some point.

Current Features

  • Create custom rules to control which sections you want items to appear in. Filtering options include:
    • item type, subType, quality, item level, name, item ID, equipment set, and more.
  • Bags grow dynamically as items are added to them.
  • Multi-level sorting for each section. For example, you can sort your trade goods first by name (ascending) then by stack size (descending).
  • Configurable bag order
  • Configurable section order
  • Bags and sections can be minimized.
  • Bag search feature which works the same way as the one in the default UI.
  • Configuration and bag state is remembered for each character.
  • All empty slots are compressed
  • Multi-language support


For Beta release

In preparation for a Beta release, there are several objectives that I want to meet.

  • Add profile management support
  • Add configuration option to set the maximum bag width. This will make it possible for a user to build a one-bag configuration.
  • Create a filter for Farming-related items: Tools, Seeds, and Vegetables
  • Fix known bugs.
  • Code clean up
  • Write documentation.

After the beta release has proven itself stable for some time and there are no unresolved bugs, then I will tag the project for Release status. At this time I may record an in-game video demonstrating all available features.

Future development items

  • Implement auto-stacking feature and auto-move to put items into special bags (herb bags, inscription bags, etc)
  • Implement an "offline mode" for viewing bank/alt inventory and also support searching all characters for items.
  • Experiment with support for Void Storage
  • Add option to compress items into a virtual stack, so for example you could have one stack of 100 herbs instead of 5 stacks of 20.
  • Add a visual flag newly added items and add a button to reset all of the New indicators.
  • more to come...

Known Bugs/Problems

  • Editing certain configurations options, especially category rules, may cause your game to freeze momentarily. This is because every time you change a setting it causes your bags to fully refresh. In the future, I'll change this behavior so that it only applies changes when you click a button to confirm.
  • Sometimes when you open the bags you will see one bag partially overlap with another. This problem goes away if you close the bags and re-open them.
  • When a new item is added to a minimized section, the icon is not hidden immediately if the bags are already open.
  • Search highlighting should be refreshed when there is an inventory update.
  • Tooltips might occasionally overlap the item you are hovering over in rare cases.
  • Sometimes an item will appear desaturated.

About Sackville

Why should I use a bag addon?

If you are using the default bag UI, then you've probably noticed that it takes a non-trivial amount of work trying to keep your bags organized so that you can find the items you need. You're forced to plan around the limitation of how many slots are available and every time you move items in and out there's some overhead involved in maintaining order. The purpose of an inventory addon is to remove this limitation and make it easier to stay organized.

Why Sackville and not some other addon?

Some simple inventory addons will just give you a "one bag" interface where graphically all of your inventory slots are combined into one group. This removes your concern about which bags are full or empty and just lets you focus on using your available space, but they don't do anything to help you organize.

Other addons may try to group items automatically for you, but then give you limited flexibility to customize the way that your items are arranged/grouped.

Other addons may have most of the features you want but are too complicated to manage or the code is abandoned/outdated (I'm looking at you, Baggins).

My goal for Sackville is to provide a default user experience that is good for the majority of users, to not overwhelm the user with options, but provide enough flexibility to be able to meet the needs of more advanced users. With that in mind, I've developed Sackville with maintainability and extensibility in mind. I've tried to make the code as modular as I can so that individual components can be updated more easily to add features and and other developers will have an easier time getting involved.

Speaking of development, let's take a moment to talk about licensing. When you see a project with "All Rights Reserved", then you don't have the freedom to fix bugs or add features on your own and then share them with others if the author is unresponsive or unwilling to co-operate. In contrast, I have chosen the GPLv3 license for this addon which basically means that anyone is free to modify and redistribute this addon as long as those freedoms are preserved for others. That means that if I ever became unresponsive to the needs of my users or if another developer wanted to take the project in a different direction, they would be free to copy all of the code and continue work under their own banner. I believe this preservation of freedom leads to a more vibrant development community around a project because contributors can be confident knowing that their work will always be available for others to use and never be locked away behind a proprietary license.

With that in mind, it is my intention to make the most elegant, useful, stable inventory addon in existence. Now's your chance to get on board as an early adopter to help test it and shape the future direction.

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