Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Right now Recruitment is in the process of being written. So far, it does not work. Like, at all. I'll remove this disclaimer as soon as I've made sufficient progress. Until then, here's what Recruitment's about.

About Recruitment

Recruitment automatically sends guild recruitment ads to the GuildRecruitment channel.


Just to get it out of the way: one thing you can not change and will not ever be able to change is the chat channel Recruitment uses. The add-on sends its ads to the GuildRecruitment channel on purpose. I can see the appeal of using General, Trade and LocalDefense channels, however, that's just not how I roll. If you're into that sort of thing, this isn't the right add-on for you.

Other than that you can change Recruitment's behavior through the AddOn Options in-game. By default the add-on will automatically join the GuildRecruitment channel whenever you are in a main city, in case you aren't in it anyway. Recruitment will then periodically send one of your saved ads to the GuildRecruitment channel. You can set the interval between ads and you can add a random amount of time to that interval so your ads look a bit more like an actual player sent them.

Recruitment will synchronize itself with other players of your guild that have it installed.

It'll make sure nobody sends an ad immediately after another player; that could be seen as spamming and negatively affect your guild recruitment. It'll also make sure that whenever there's more than one player online with Recruitment installed, more than one player gets to send ads.

Bugs and Suggestions

Please post bugs and suggest improvements at the ticket tracker.

In case of new features please note that I'm not particularly inclined to add unnecessary bloat to the add-on. Features I'm considering are letting players prioritize certain ads over others and letting players temporarily disable ads. One thing at a time though. Don't hold your breath.

Development Progress

The add-on is in its testing phase. Even at this stage, you can contribute to Recruitment's localization. The add-on currently consists of a bare-bones framework, there's still lots of functions to write before I'll even call it alpha-quality software. Let alone beta or release. While it is unlikely, the add-on may very well melt your computer or show other unwanted behavior.

You can always find the latest versions at the Recruitment WowAce home page where I maintain the add-on.

If you can, please review the source code and point out any obvious mistakes I made. For me Recruitment is a means of applying what little Lua knowledge I have to a real-world project. I'm fully aware that the source code must have plenty of room for improvement. I'm willing to learn and I'll gladly accept any hints you can provide.

Coming up Next

Synchronization with other Recruitment users in your guild.


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