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Recruiter AddOn for World of Warcraft

Recruiter is a tool for coordinating recruitment activities accross guildmates. It is intended to help provide a consistent message in recruiting activities and prevent spamming community members with invitations. It is also useful for managing guild membership with tools for removing inactive members and banning players so they are not re-invited by a recruiter after being kicked from the guild.


  • Show leads similar to the /who list with filtering based on guild needs. Filter by level, unguilded.

Planned Features

This list is roughly in the order I intend to implement in.

  • Click to start a conversation with a preset opening message.
  • Click to /ginvite
  • Any way to filter out characters who have blocked guild invites?
  • Only present a character as a lead if they have been logged in for a minimum amount of time. minimum will be configurable and defualt to 3 minutes. This prevents recruiters from jumping on a person immediately when they login.
  • Add more filter criteria. Class, race, gender, progression, PVE ilvl, PVP ilvl, achievements, cross realm, zone.
  • Record contacted information for character. Contacted by, date/time contacted.
  • Share contacted information accross recruiters in the guild to prevent spamming individuals by multiple recruiters.
  • Filter out recently contacted character from the leads list. recently will be configurable and default to 30 days.
  • Mark character as do not call if: ** the recruiter deems we should not attempt to contact them again. ** the character has been contacted multiple times and declined every time. multiple will be configurable and default to 3 times. ** the character has been gkicked and banned.
  • Remove inactive guild members. inactive will be configurable and default to 30 days.
  • Mark character as do not kick on inactive with a note on the exception.


These are features this plugin will NOT implement.

  • Automatic whispering to players on the leads list.
  • Automatic ginvite.
  • Recruitment messaging on global channels.

There are other addons that perform these functions if you are interested in these features.

Data Sharing

Because WoW does not have a mechanism for sharing addon data accross the guild, addon developers have to workaround data storage using things like guild notes officer and player notes and the event calendar along with sharing data accross addon users using the addon chat channels.

As I am still learning how all this works, I will be starting off by using the event calendar using calendar type GUILD_ANNOUNCEMENT and event type CALENDAR_EVENTTYPE_OTHER but may need to experiment a lot with how the addon will communicate between guild members.

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