This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


In short, with this add-on you can double-clic on a reagent in the tradeskill window to craft it, without having to scroll to its own recipe and scroll back. Very useful to make bolts of cloth, or milling and crafting inks, engeneering reagents...

It works with the base tradeskill window.


Double-click on a reagent to craft enough of it to make one more item. If you want to choose the number of reagents to make, hold shift while double-clicking. Some items cannot be crafted directly in the tradeskill window (see Limitations below) and some reagents can be crafted in many ways, in this case another window will open on the side, in which you can craft what you want, using the recipe you want.



  • Craft reagents from another recipe
  • Show number of items created or chance to have an item (Uncommon Inks, Prospecting...)
  • Smart craft number : by default, craft enough reagents to make one more item. You can press Shift to choose the number to craft
  • Craft Oils
  • Craft Grinding Stones
  • Craft Folded Obsidium
  • Cast a Campfire
  • Swap between Greater and Lesser Reagents
  • Enchant a scroll directly without opening you bags
  • Craft all the little thing you need : handful of bolts, tubes, powders...
Inscription / Milling
  • Mill Herbs directly by clicking on the Ink you want
  • Craft Inks
Jewelcrafting / Prospecting
  • Prospects Ore to find gems
  • Craft Settings and Filigrees
  • Upgrade leather
  • Cure hides
Mining (Smelting)
  • Smelt some bars to make others like Bronze, Felsteel, Hardened Elementium...
  • Craft bolts of cloth

There's no use yet for First Aid, Archeology, Herbalism and Fishing. If you have some ideas, you're welcome !


Due to the WoW Lua API, some actions have to be made using Secure Buttons. This is why some simple actions have to be made from the external window. This window cannot be shown during combat, but you should have other things to do rather than crafting complicated recipes !

You cannot (yet) use recipes from another tradeskill (apart from milling and prospecting). I know that it would be very useful to smelt bars more easily, and I'll work on it !


Thanks to the authors of ReverseEngineering (now outdated) and GnomeWorks for some of the ideas, and thanks to the authors of findglobals to help me clean my code and avoid stupid errors. Thanks to ckaotik for the updates for MoP.


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