Big Lag on hovering and counter has stopped #463

  • foofie555 created this issue Jan 13, 2021

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     <Your text here>Two issues:  when I hover over the mini-map button the game stops for several seconds (every time).  Other issue, attempts at Solar Spirehawk have stopped being counted at 1067.  I have reinstalled addon, with no effect.  The lag has been a problem for a few months (since first update after SL, maybe), but the solar spirehawk counter stopped last week.  Other rares are continuing to be counted, however.

  • foofie555 edited description Jan 13, 2021
  • Cakechart posted a comment Jan 17, 2021


    1. It's a known issue; you likely have too many items tracked to display them in a timely manner. I recommend turning off (hiding) some categories until a better solution can be implemented.


    2. That's been reported by many others, and it's almost certainly on Blizzard's end.

  • Riggoz1 posted a comment Jul 12, 2021

    I had this exact issue and I resolved it by changing the order to sort by category then name. Previously It would freeze for a solid 15-20 seconds regardless of what I had tracked.


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