Firelands kill statistics (Smoldering Egg of Millagazor) #396

  • Fiamma29 created this issue May 25, 2020

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    Addon version: r697

    Game has been restarted.

    No steps required to reproduce the error.


    The Statistics tab of the WoW interface doesn't seem to currently be counting Firelands boss kills, and this affects the tracking for the Smoldering Egg of Millagazor.

    Egg uses kill statistic IDs rather than actual kills, and the NPC ID for the drop is listed as 99999 which is not Rag.

    Should be relatively easy to fix, just switch the NPC ID to the correct one so it can track outside of the kill statistic but as it's a default included item, the option to change stuff by the user is greyed out.




  • Holy_Z posted a comment Jun 13, 2020

    Just did my first run of firelands in awhile and having the same issue.  Didnt add kill for mount track

  • Cakechart posted a comment Jul 1, 2020

    I investigated this in, and have changed most Firelands items to use the NPC method to work around this issue. Doing this for the mount bosses would most likely cause problems, however, as they always used statistics and integrating two different methods of detection isn't something Rarity can readily do.


    Changing the method now would affect anyone who has attempts for those items and changing it back later would mess up their attempts count again, since Blizzard probably can't retroactively grant the lost statistics after they fix the tracking. Perhaps a better solution could be devised, but I don't have much time and I don't want to risk something half-baked blowing up and causing even more problems as a result :/


    It's probably best to report this as a bug to Blizzard (which I have) and hope they fix it soon.

  • MediumRareOG posted a comment Sep 7, 2021

    So I've been noticing I'm not getting a count on this drop and investigated why today leading me to this issue. It's usually worth chasing because not getting a credit typically means I'm doing something wrong (eg on 10 man instead of 25 man). But in this case it's a bug. So, I have a few suggestions and observations:


    1. If you're worried about people losing current kill credits well they're not getting kill credits now and haven't been for the last year or more now;

    2. I wouldn't hold your breath on Blizzard fixing bugs in legacy content. I mean I still sometimes go to my Garrison and can't upgrade, move or build buildings until I fly out and back in, a bug that has existed since WoD was current.

    3. It might be useful to tell the player that they're not getting credit for this boss/drop somehow; and

    4. If changing the detection method will reset the count, that seems like it's a limitation worth fixing because you can expect other detection methods to change in the future, be it from bugs, deliberate changes or whatever.


    Anyway, I appreciate the addon and the work you've done on it.

    Edited Sep 7, 2021

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