RWL pets v7.3 problem #268

  • FuxieDK created this issue Oct 6, 2017

    With the addition of RWL pets from Cata raids, a problem have occured: You cannot have zero attempts..


    Example: Fandral Staghelm drops Fandral's Pet Carrier.. It's currently listed as I have attempted this 85 times..

    While it might be true that I have killed Fandral 85 times (during Cata and subsequently while farming mounts in Firelands), I have not attempted to loot the pet 85 times, since I haven't killed him a single time since RWL was added.


    Normally, this should be easy to solve, by changing the attempts to 0 (in Rarity config), however it switches back to 85 when I press OK...

    Any number other than 0 (e.g. 1) is accepted as face value, but 0 gets changed to 85, even if I had written another number and then try 0..


    This behaviour is the same for ALL of the newly added RWL pets. This means I cannot get the accurate attempts for any of the pets..




  • FuxieDK edited title Oct 6, 2017
  • Cakechart posted a comment Oct 11, 2017

    The detection likely uses kill statistics for the raid boss. There is a value to disable that, but apparently it does not work if the number of attempts is zero because the code checks for count > 0 and so it won't update at all.


    A naive approach would be to change it to >= 0 and see if it works, but there might be unintended side effects to that? Otherwise, you can just set it to one after killing it and it has updated to 86 as a workaround. Personally, I see nothing wrong with allowing you to manually reset values to 0 but I haven't written the addon and I don't know all of the code :P


    This is in Rarity\Core.lua:4175 to 4191 if you want to try for yourself.


    Edited Oct 11, 2017
  • Allara posted a comment Oct 12, 2017

    I would try setting the comparison to >= 0. You physically can't change the value to 0 manually if stat detection is active. Stat counting is really complicated and actually checks all your characters and adds them up.

  • FuxieDK posted a comment Oct 14, 2017

    In the past, it have always been possible to set value to zero..


    When a new pet is added (in this case RWL pets), the previous kills of a specific boss is of no importantance and should not be counted.. And when you don't have any way to reset that Count, you wil not get accurate statistics..

  • Allara posted a comment Oct 14, 2017

    You can't set an item to 0 attempts when it's tied to a stat. The doNotUpdateToHighestStat option exists for scenario above (an item is added to a boss in a future patch). The only problem is the comparison doesn't let you start from 0, making this a bug.

  • Cakechart posted a comment Nov 11, 2017

    Since doNotUpdateToHighestStat is already set for these items, past attempts should not be counted. I can try the fix Allara suggested and allow you to set it to 0 manually, but it sounds like that won't work if stat counting is active (which it is), so it needs a more elaborate solution?

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