Sends spawn and kill notifications of rare elite NPCs.


When you target a rare or rare elite NPC, RareCaller will automatically announce the mob to the General channel. For example:

[1. General]: Garrick Padfoot is up 57,48 (100%)

Unlike RareCoordinator and RareAnnouncer, RareCaller is not limited to Timeless Isle, nor does it have a fixed list of rare and rare elite NPCs. RareCaller automatically learns the list of rares as they are discovered (using the UnitClassification() API). It should work in all zones, on all continents, past, present and future.

Note: RareCaller only works when you target a rare. RareCaller is not a substitute for NPCScan. NPCScan's job is to alert you if a rare is nearby. RareCaller's job is to alert other players if a rare is alive.

RareCaller will display a window when a rare is up, showing the mob's name and status (Alive, Health %, Dead):

When a rare NPC is killed, the kill is also announced in the General channel:

[1. General]: Garrick Padfoot has died

Killed mobs will be removed from the list after one minute. If a mob has remained Alive for more than ten minutes, RareCaller assumes you have moved on, or missed the death notification, and will remove it from the list.

RareCaller can communicate the presence, coordinates, and status of mobs to other RareCaller players. If another player targets a rare, it will automatically appear in your list. By default RareCaller will only show rares in the same zone as you. There is an option to be able to see rares up anywhere in the world.

Configuration Options

  • Announce when you target a rare or when a rare dies: Toggles the announcements in the zone's General channel. RareCaller will continue to communicate with other addon users through the hidden RCALLER channel.
  • Hide tracking window while in combat: hides the tracking window when you enter combat; showing it again when you leave combat

  • Tracking Window Mode

    • Current Zone: Only show rares located in your current zone
    • *All: Show rares located anywhere in the world

Slash Commands

You can use /rarecaller or /rc to access slash commands:

  • /rc toggle: enable or disable announcements to the General channel
  • /rc update: force an update of the rares tracking window
  • /rc list [name|npcID]: List all rares known to RareCaller. Can limit the search by specifying an npcID, or a partial name.
  • /rc remove name|npcID|all: Removes a rare, either by npcID or partial name, from the internal database
  • /rc shouldTrack npcID: Returns why an npc currently should, or should not, be tracked
  • /rc debug: Toggle verbose debugging info
  • /rc debugLevel [0..5]: Displays or sets the current debugging level


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