Raid Ledger

A ledger for GDKP/gold run raid.

How to toggle the ledger panel

You can use either way:

  • via /raidledger
  • Click Raid Ledger button on raid panel


  • Create a summary and report to raid channel

  • Smart looter name autocomplete. 1 for all members in subgroup 1, hunter for all hunters in raid group

  • Loot charges (credit for team) and looter can be modified at any time

  • Customized reason credit for team, e.g. Package: all rare loot for 100G

  • Compensation for special raid members

    • % Percentage Net Profit mode
    • * Multiple Per Member credit mode
    • Gold Addtitonal gold mode
  • Calculate gold run per member credit for each raid members

  • Loot during raid will be added to ledger automatically

    /raidledlger toggle to change mode

    • On
    • In Raid Only
    • Off
  • Easy to export as text in order to copy/paste to a third party website.

Raid Ledger 金团账本

专为为目前金团设计 团长可以记账,方便快捷 打工可以记账,童叟无欺


  • 界面呼出 /gtuan


  • 消费汇总广播

  • 随时修改价格,拾取人

  • 智能自动完成,输入 1 会显示小队1 的成员 输入 猎人 会把 猎人 或者名字带有猎人的人都列出来

  • 可以添加补助,会在总钱数中自动扣除

    • 多倍工资
    • 比例补助
    • 固定金币
  • 人数自动计算平均费用

  • 拾取的物品会自动加到账簿 当然还可以手动添加 (物品) 右键点击物品 可以删除记录

  • 可以导出文本 发到 微信群 YY 等地方


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