It can not be hidden after combat starts #353

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  • _ForgeUser433226 created this issue Mar 10, 2012

    If one starts combat with it shown and 'auto hide in combat' is not used then one can not hide it manually. One could claim it's a feature but it's very unintuitive: it's "don't hide automatically in combat", it's not "never hide even I manually do it".

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  • _ForgeUser433226 posted a comment Mar 10, 2012

    Also, to be honest I don't understand why it can't be fully manual:

    i.e. "If it is open then show it fully and do scans fully"

    "if it is closed do nothing and don't use any resources"

    or even more ideally:

    "autohide in combat and if I press it to open it shows it fully and does a full scan"

  • _ForgeUser405586 posted a comment Mar 25, 2012

    RBS's OnClick handler does not do anything special for combat vs no combat. However, some LDB display addons *do* ignore clicks during combat. That's probably what you're experiencing, and is something that needs to be changed in your LDB display (many have a setting for this).

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  • _ForgeUser405586 posted a comment Mar 25, 2012

    Doh - I take it back. The LDB display click is an issue, but RBS is additionally ignoring toggle requests in combat:

    function RaidBuffStatus:ShowReportFrame()
            if (InCombatLockdown()) then
    function RaidBuffStatus:HideReportFrame()
            if (InCombatLockdown()) then

    This is daniel's code, I assume he had a good reason for doing that?

  • mcremor posted a comment Sep 15, 2012

    I didn't look at the code but I assume the buttons are secure buttons since you can cast the buff by alt-clicking on it. Since secure buttons can't be manually hidden in combat, I assume that is the reason.

  • Forge_User_04226718 posted a comment Mar 29, 2015

    Even though this bug is 3 years old I think the problem still persists. It would be nice if toggle works during combat.

    In addition to be able to hide, it should also be possible to show it during combat. E.g. I like to have it hidden once combat starts. But when we have to battle rez someone I would like to use the addon to verify that we rebuffed the rezzed person properly. Right now I can only accomplish this by having it visible all the time. But I simply do not have enough room on my screen to fit it in nicely all the time.

    To clarify, I simply would like to toggle the addon's visibility during combat, in order to see if someone is not fully buffed. The button functions for reporting, buffing etc. do not need to be functional.

    Edited Mar 29, 2015

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