RaidChecklist provides an at-a-glance overview of which core buffs, debuffs, dispels and crowd control abilities are available in the raid at the moment, and what class/spec/pet could bring each.

It doesn't try to be a full-featured raid planner, but is instead targeted at those who want a more casual add-on which can assist them in putting together a balanced raid on the fly. It is also very useful for hunters wanting to pick a pet to fill a void in the abilities otherwise brought by the group.

RaidChecklist comes with a plethora of different checklists, and has checklists for each and every class, with multiple options on what to include. Check out the configuration screen for the full list!

There's also a built-in F.A.Q. page available from the add-on settings menu, hopefully answering the common questions and explaining the different colors and icons.

  • Spirit Beast entry updated to also provide Crit. -
  • Minor ability/talent correction.
  • Corrected a few abilities/talents.
  • Now treating the Hunter 'Lone Wolf' talent separately. This talent provides a choice of all the main buffs, but RaidChecklist has no way knowing which buff (if any) has been chosen. To deal with this dilemma, if you're playing a hunter and have 'Lone Wolf' talented, the potential buffs will show in blue ("may provide") rather than green ("provides"). For hunter group members, by default RCL filters out the 'Lone Wolf' talent altogether to avoid claiming that all the buffs are provided. This latter behavior can be changed with the config option 'Exclude Lone Wolf', if you prefer to use the old behavior. The only way to resolve this fully would be to make RaidChecklist scan for buffs, which is far too large a project for me to undertake given I haven't played WoW since early Cataclysm.
  • Minor database updates.
  • Warlords of Draenor / 6.0.2 update. This includes a number of changes to handle the internal game changes made by Blizzard, and a metric truck-ton of database updates.
  • Some languages do not have full compatibility support yet. If you can help with translations, either do so directly at project localization page, or just drop me a message here on Curse and I'll fill it in.
  • If I've missed any changes, please open a ticket to let me know.
  • Note: the mage "Improved Flamestrike" perk is recorded in RaidCheclist as being level 100, though it can, depending on RNG, be available as early as level 92. I don't have a good way to address that, sorry.


  • Compact display in color-coded list format.
  • Shows a count for each ability where it's provided by more than one player, giving even better overview with even a quick glance.
  • Mouse-over an entry brings up tooltip with information on what classes/specs/pets can bring the (de)buff.
  • Clicking an entry opens a detailed information panel on the abilities for that entry.
  • Ability to specify which groups to include in the check, while still seeing what the excluded groups could bring.
  • Hides behind a freely movable button when not wanted.
  • DataBroker integration, and an option to hide the normal button.
  • Keybinding and chat commands (/rcl or /raidchecklist) to toggle the checklist.
  • Updates automatically as pets are summoned or dismissed.
  • Inspects group members "in the background" to obtain their talent information without needing any player interaction.
  • Option to specify in which direction the list appears relative to the button. E.g. "Up, Left" or "Down, Right".
  • Since it's not possible to automatically keep talents/spec/glyphs up-to-date sensibly, RaidChecklist has a small "rescan" button in the top right corner of the checklist.
  • Notifies other RaidChecklist users of any player specialization/talent/glyph changes. This is done in the LibGroupInSpecT library, which is available for other addons to use as well. While Blizzard provides no way of detecting these changes on other players, any user of an addon with LibGroupInSpecT will have this feature! For other players, there is always the manual "rescan" button.

Class-specific Features

  • Per-class check-lists are available, showing only the abilities of that class. Use either for personal improvement, or as the raid leader to remind yourself of what abilities a particular class would bring.
  • Hunter & Warlock Pet Mode. For the hunters and warlocks who don't have to worry about full raid composition and only want to make a smart pet choice. Only shows the abilities which can be provided by a pet.
  • Also aware of a hunter's callable pets, not just the summoned one. Abilities available only from a callable pet are marked in blue. This is only applicable to the hunter himself/herself - this information is not shared to other users of RaidChecklist. To activate this feature you need to visit a stable master once.

Supported Locales

  • enUS - Fully supported.
  • ruRU - Fully supported.
  • koKR - Fully supported.
  • deDE - Functional.
  • frFR - Functional.
  • esES - Functional.

If you can help with translations, head over to the project localization page.

Known issues

  • Talent/spec information can go stale, as the game provides no notification when a group member re/un/talents. Use the "rescan" button to force a refresh.

Found a bug?

If you've found a bug that isn't listed here as a known issue, please open a ticket with the details. The notifications for comments on Curse aren't as reliable as a ticket, so I might not see it for some time (if all).


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