This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Tracks, transmits and displays the cooldowns of your raid.

What it is

RaidCooldowns is a single solution to display cooldown information for specific spells that a raid group might care about, as well as broadcasting any information about things that affect those cooldowns, such as glyphs or talent modifiers.

What it isn't

RaidCooldowns is very opinionated about what cooldowns it tracks. It tracks cooldowns that the raid as a whole might need to know about. It is not a personal cooldown tracker. As an example, a Mage might want to know his Mirror Image cooldown, but the rest of the raid doesn't really care, so RaidCooldowns doesn't track this cooldown.

If you're looking for a personal cooldown tracker, try Heatsink.

Why not just use oRA2 or CTRA?

oRA2 is a fantastic addon, but it only tracks four cooldowns, and only if the people who use those spells are also using oRA2 (or CTRA). RaidCooldowns can track not only those spells that oRA2 tracks, but also several critical spells it misses, such as Bloodlust or Heroism.

In addition to tracking more spells, it can also track most spells just by watching the user's combat log, with no syncing necessary.

As for CTRA, well... it's CTRA.

Limits of the combat log

While RaidCooldowns is able to track most cooldowns from the combat log, there are some caveats. The first major issue is that when a Shaman uses Reincarnate, no combat log event is ever fired. In order for this cooldown to be displayed, the Shaman either needs to be running oRA2/CTRA, or a copy of RaidCooldowns himself.

The second issue is that talents and glyphs can greatly modify the cooldown of a spell. This data isn't transmitted in the combat log and requires some syncing between users of RaidCooldowns.

RaidCooldowns will make the most of the data it gets from the combat log, but with more people in your raid running it, the more accurate it becomes.


As of today, RaidCooldowns tracks the following spells:

  • Death Knight: Anti-magic Zone, Bone Shield, Death Grip, Icebound Fortitude, Lichborne, Mind Freeze
  • Druid: Barkskin, Challenging Roar, Innervate, Nature's Swiftness, Rebirth, Tranquility
  • Hunter: Feign Death, Misdirection
  • Mage: Counterspell, Ice Block
  • Paladin: Divine Intervention, Divine Protection, Divine Sacrifice, Divine Shield, Hand of Protection, Lay on Hands
  • Priest: Divine Hymn, Fear Ward, Guardian Spirit, Hymn of Hope, Pain Suppression
  • Rogue: Cloak of Shadows, Distract, Kick
  • Shaman: Bloodlust/Heroism, Earth Shock, Hex, Mana Tide Totem, Nature's Swiftness, Reincarnation
  • Warlock: Soulshatter, Soulstone Resurrection
  • Warrior: Challenging Shout, Last Stand, Pummel, Shield Bash, Shield Wall

Keep in mind that you can hide any spells you don't care about. Personally I only show about seven of the spells listed above.


Wasn't this two separate addons?

Yes. The addon to display the data is now included by default. It was getting to be a pain to manage two addons that were so inter-connected to each other, and a bit confusing to end users. It's now a single, all-in-one solution.

Is it compatible with the previous version of RaidCooldowns?

No. The old version (two separate addons) was so out of date that any data received from it would have been questionable. As a result, I decided to make this version (single addon) use a separate broadcast code ("RCD2").

Does it handle Glyph of Guardian Spirit?

Yes, a special case was written specifically for Glyph of Guardian Spirit. If there are other cases like this that I'm not thinking of, please open a ticket.

How do I configure it?

You can type /rcd config to bring up the configuration window, or you can go to Main Menu, Interface, AddOns Tab, RaidCooldowns.


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